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Wyoming People Trust Leland Christensen for Treasurer

Did you know that Wyoming has more than $20 billion in permanent savings? That money is set aside for Wyoming people. It is a Wyoming birthright. Wyoming’s savings take revenue from depletable mineral resources and turn that revenue into an evergreen resource that can provide money to Wyoming every single year, to support essential state services today and long into our state’s future.

Leland Christensen will protect and grow our state’s savings. As treasurer, he will invest wisely so Wyoming’s investments generate more money for YOU without without a tax increase.

Leland’s leadership, integrity, lifelong commitment to Wyoming people make him well-equipped to serve as state treasurer. Leland is endorsed by the Wyoming Realtors, Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association and the Wyoming Hospital Association. Business leaders across industries and across the state trust Leland to lead Wyoming to a thriving financial future.

Wyoming is truly a small town with long streets and on every main street you will find supporters who have worked hand-in-hand with Leland and know he is the right leader for Treasurer.

See what leaders from across Wyoming have to say about Leland Christensen:

“Leland is a man of integrity who I’d trust with my life and my money.”

– Tom Lubnau, Gillette

“As State Treasurer, Leland will study the issues, will listen to people and make decision that will benefit all of us.”

– Norine Kasperik, Gillette

“I’ve known Leland for many years and served with him in the Wyoming Legislature. He is a thoughtful and positive conservative who is respected across Wyoming.”

– Del McOmie, Lander

“I have known Leland for over 30 years and have worked with him in several capacities; DARE Officer, Deputy Sheriff, County Commissioner, and State Legislator. Leland’s honesty, integrity, and true Wyoming values are impressive. Wyoming needs those Values for State Treasurer. Leland has my vote.”

– Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker

“Leland is the right person for the job. He is a proven leader who is seasoned, steady and measured. He will make sure Wyoming’s money is working for Wyoming.”

– Wyoming Speaker of the House Steve Harshman,  Casper

“Leland is a solid Republican with solid Republican values. His experience as an effective state legislator makes him an excellent choice for State Treasurer.”

– JoAnn True, Casper

“Leland was a steady port in financially tough times. He epitomizes Republican values.”

– Elaine Harvey, Lovell

“Having worked with Leland in his role as a legislator and county commissioner, I know he has the integrity and strength to be our next State Treasurer.”

– Commissioner John Espy, Rawlins

“I trust Leland Christensen. Having worked with him in the legislature, I know he has always been forthright and transparent. He can be counted on to be a good steward of Wyoming’s money.”

– Tyler Lindholm, Sundance

“Leland is the perfect choice for State Treasurer. He has the experience and integrity needed to lead Wyoming in the right direction.”

– Donna Cay Heinz, Torrington

“Leland brings the qualifications and background to best serve Wyoming going into the future and I consider it an honor to give this endorsement.”

– John Lumley, Thermopolis

“As a small business owner, I am confident in Leland’s ability to manage Wyoming’s investment portfolio. He is the right guy to be our next state treasurer.”

– Karen Sinclair, Thermopolis

“Leland’s always been honest and square shooting. He was a darn good commissioner and a darn good senator. He will work for all the people of Wyoming.”

– Del Eitel, Buffalo

“Leland is a perfect choice for Wyoming. He has the positive outlook and conservative values we need for our future.”

– Doug Samuelson, Cheyenne

“Having worked with Leland Christensen since he became Chairman of the Wyoming Senate Judiciary committee, I know him to be a thoughtful and thorough person who uses his time and talents to do what’s right for Wyoming.  Leland certainly has my vote.”

– Cathy Ellis, Cheyenne

“Leland Christensen is a strong conservative Republican who will be a great State Treasurer. His leadership and management experience will serve us well in the fight against increasing taxes. He has my total and unconditional support.”

– Paul Scherbel, Afton

“Leland is the clear choice for State Treasurer. He brings solid legislative experience and the right demeanor and temperament as an elected official. The negative contrast that his opponent projects is not what Wyoming voters want.”

– Sen. Hank Coe, Cody

“Leland Christensen has my full support for State Treasurer. He has been a thoughtful legislator and proven leader who will chart the right course for Wyoming’s financial future.”

– Mandy Moody Phillips, Sheridan

“Leadership and integrity comes in many forms and Leland has proven he has both! With Leland as Treasurer, Wyoming will continue to maintain the strong position we currently enjoy.”

– Bob Rolston, Sheridan

“Leland is a strong conservative Republican who will be a solid state Treasurer. As Treasurer he will set a rock solid course for a great financial future for Wyoming.”

– Dave Bell, Pinedale

“Leland is very knowledgeable, caring, and honest. He certainly has my vote.”

– Kim Brown, Farson

“Wyoming has more than $20 billion in savings and the third largest sovereign wealth fund in North America. Leland understands that by responsibly managing Wyoming’s permanent funds the state can increase investment returns and quell talk of instituting a state income tax. To protect Wyoming taxpayers from a state income tax, I’m voting Christensen for Treasurer.”

– Kelly Lockhart, Jackson

“Leland Christensen is a solid conservative Republican, who will make a great state treasurer. He is a good man who will build Wyoming’s strong financial future.”

– Ron Micheli, Fort Bridger

“Leland knows the financial issues facing our state and with his integrity and leadership he will find the best path forward.”

– Mike Greear, Worland

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