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One Cent doubles number of children Youth Crisis Center can serve

You already know the value of a dollar, but the One Cent proves the power of a penny. In Natrona County, we’re our own biggest supporters, and we vote to better our communities through the Optional One Cent. These funds sustain some of our most important assets: organizations that provide safety, culture and leisure. Choosing to invest your pocket change back into Natrona County will result in huge returns for the future of our communities and our families. Vote ‘yes’ to the Optional One Cent Nov. 6.

From Youth Crisis Center Director Traci Blevins:

What does the One Cent mean to your organization?

One Cent funding means the difference between helping 5 youth in crisis and 10. It means providing over 6,000 meals to 600 youth. In the hands of the Youth Crisis Center, One Cent funding means safety, shelter, security and hope for youth in crisis.

What does the One Cent mean to Natrona County?

One Cent funding is our community’s way of saying “we care.” The Youth Crisis Center is the only youth crisis shelter in Natrona County. We are also the most utilized crisis shelter in the State of Wyoming. We serve as a safe place for youth who have no where else to go, who need safety during family conflict or after running away from home, and for youth who may otherwise be sent to jail. One Cent funding is our community proving that we care about kids in Natrona County.

What would your organization look like without the support of One Cent funds?

One Cent funding provides the Youth Crisis Center support to maintain a 13,000 square foot building, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and holidays. It allows us to feed, clothe, provide showers and beds, offer crisis planning and life-skills development for nearly 600 youth each year. Without the funding, we may only be able to serve 300-350 youth each year. The real issue is, without One Cent funding, how do we decide who to stop serving? The kids with nowhere else to go? The youth who need safety during family conflict or after running away from home? The youth who need safety from abuse or neglect? By receiving One Cent funds, we won’t be forced to choose. Every child remains a priority.