Write In Tammy Saulsbury for Natrona County Assessor

Natrona County, you still have a choice.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Natrona County that voted for me in the primary election. I appreciate your support. If you voted for me in the primary, please vote for me again in the general. Simply fill in the circle under Natrona County Assessor and write-in Tammy Saulsbury. Your vote will count. Wyoming is a Write-In state.

We can still keep our local government intact and keep politics out of the office. These offices should not be elected positions. Experience does count and does matter. Knowledge and education are essential. Candidates should be required by law to have the education, knowledge, and experience to do the job that they are running for. My opponent does not have any qualifications for this office.

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Before you go to the polls on November 6th, I would like you to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the assessor’s office.

Many people took the time during the primary election to contact my office and get the facts. I thank you for that. The facts were not printed in the Casper Star Tribune nor were they aired on KCWY television.  Fact checking is so important because of the fake news out there. Ten years ago, you would not have seen the bias media that we see today. I am amazed at the responses that I get from business owners and home owners alike when they find out the real facts and the truth about our office. We live in a very negative political climate. A climate in which lies and deception rule the day. It seems that this behavior wins the day when in fact it should have no place in politics, whether it be at a local or national level.

I ran my campaign the only way I knew how, by being honest. I have never lied about my office. The assessor’s office does not put people out of their homes and into the streets. The assessor’s office does not routinely and deliberately over value properties. The assessor’s office has never kept anyone from getting a loan, the assessors office is not a bank.  Keep in mind, all of these things were presented time and time again as if they were factual when in reality there is no truth whatsoever. The notices of assessment that my opponent carried around all summer were actually resolved my first week in office. I spent my entire summer working to ensure that everyone’s taxes were correct, fair, and accurate.

I believe in the work that I do and have a great staff. My door has always been open and I have nothing to hide. The assessor’s office does not run on lies and conspiracy theories. We are real people with real families doing real work for Natrona County. I am sorry if you were deceived this summer about our office. It is critical that we keep our government offices running efficiently, correctly, and smoothly without disruption.

I and my staff have spent years working for Natrona County and have many hours of education and training that qualifies us for the jobs that we do. I want to preserve this office and my employees. Please write me in on November 6th. Starting over with a new staff will set this office back years. The assessor’s office is governed by the Department of Revenue and must follow state statutes and procedures. It is not a free style office where you can do anything you want. I have only been your Natrona County Assessor for six months. Hardly enough time to prove myself. If you give me 4 years, I will prove myself to you.

The bottom line, it is very simple, if you ever have any questions about your taxes or think something isn’t right, all you have to do is call or drop by our office. We are here for you and always have been.

Please write me in on November the 6th!

Tammy Saulsbury

Natrona County Assessor


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