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Depression: It’s Not All In Your Head

“It’s all in your head,” they tell you.

“Pull yourself up by the boot straps,” the Cowboy Way proclaims.

“It’ll pass.”

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“You’re just sad.”

“Depression isn’t even real.”

For any of the nearly 40 million adults in America suffering from depression, these responses have become standard fare after divulging that particular secret. Depression is a scary, lonely thing. It’s not something that many people enjoy talking about.

But maybe we should be.

Luckily, Community Health Center of Central Wyoming believes that depression shouldn’t have to be a dirty word and, because of this, they have developed their IMPACT Services program to help those struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

IMPACT stands for Improving Mood Promoting Access to Treatment and since it has been implemented, it has, pardon the pun, impacted more than 700 patients locally. According to the Director of Behavioral Health and IMPACT Program Manager Alicja Iznerowicz, LCSW, “This grant provided nearly one million dollars over a three-year project period with the goal to treat 550 patients diagnosed with depression by implementing cutting edge evidence based depression treatment services. To date, over 700 patients have been treated for depression using the IMPACT model of depression treatment at CHCCW.”

When CHCCW implemented its IMPACT Services program, it wanted to create a program that allowed depression to be seen in the same light as any other illness. Depression is as serious as a heart attack, as crippling as a stroke. For some reason, however, there is a stigma attached to it. Unfortunately, that stigma allowed Wyoming to have the highest suicide-rate in 2012, a statistic that has not changed that dramatically in the ensuing 5 years.

It is for this reason that CHCCW developed their program. IMPACT provides a variety of services, including depression screenings, anxiety screenings, counseling, suicide prevention techniques and more. Their team of mental health care professionals is trained in very specific areas to provide the best type of help for those struggling with depression and their goal is to provide whatever type of support they can, mentally and emotionally.

Community Health Center of Central Wyoming is committed to the fact that depression isn’t a dirty word, that it’s a real struggle and that it really affects millions of people. Their IMPACT Services program exists to combat the negative thoughts that depression conjures. Depression isn’t just “in your head.” It isn’t “just being sad.” When you’re in the throes of it, it is near impossible to “pull yourself out of it.” Depression is a real illness, but like any illness, there is treatment. That treatment can come from CHCCW and its Impact Services program.

If you or somebody you know is struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts, please call us at 307-233-6000 because together we are stronger than depression.