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Participants thank Mercer FRC

Mercer Family Resource Centers invite Casper to join them in their vision to build a unified community with strong families and healthy youth. Mercer Family Resource Center (Mercer FRC) provides family and parenting education, adult and youth intervention, and community connections that are proactive, impactful, and accessible to anyone in the community! Take a peek inside Mercer Family Resource Center (Mercer FRC) to see what participants are saying and the changes we are making in our community every day.

“Mercer helps families bond and makes sure that our community is safe.” – Mercer FRC participant.

“Thank you for helping me to [stop] sneaking out.” – Corrective Thinking participant.

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Corrective thinking is a five-week course for youth designed to enable teens to recognize irresponsible thinking and give them the skills to make better choices in life.

“Thank you for helping me learn how to solve a problem.” – Corrective Thinking participant

“Thank you for talking to us. No harsh words, no judgment.” – Anger Management participant. Anger Management is a four-week course for youth designed to enable adolescents to recognize their underlying emotions/triggers and replace anger with healthy coping skills.

“Thank you for taking the time to help us.” – Anger Management participant.

“Thank you for making everyone feel safe to talk.” – Insight II participant. Insight II is a thought based approach to substance abuse education/early intervention including topics of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.  The class promotes informed thinking, which leads to better decision making in the future. 

“Thank you for being informative rather than using scare tactics.” – Insight II participant.

“Thank you for the really good information. It made me think about my choices.” – Tobacco Education participant. Tobacco Education teaches the dangers of tobacco products, identifying triggers of tobacco use and developing a quit plan to aid youth in successful cessation.

“Thank you for the respect and services you provide.” – Tobacco Education participant.

“Thank you for letting me have a voice and have input.” – Something for Nothing participant. Something for Nothing curriculum is designed to share information about shoplifting and related crimes and stimulate higher level thinking skills to correct behaviors.

“Thank you for talking about the consequences of stealing and how my life may be affected.” – Something for Nothing participant.

“Thank you for helping me see that drugs and alcohol are much more than fun times. They can change your life quickly.” – Mercer FRC youth participant. Level 0.5 Drug and Alcohol Education is for youth who are cited or arrested for a DUI, alcohol related, or substance related offenses. 

Youth Empowerment Council is a youth-driven volunteer council that provides a safe place for youth to meet and discuss important topics within our community. “Mercer is important to me because I know it’s a place I can rely on if I need help with something and I have nowhere else to turn.” – Mercer youth participant.

“Thank you for teaching new techniques and ideas on improving. It’s helpful to have the support and a group of like-minded people to share with weekly.” – Make Parenting a Pleasure participant. Family and Parenting Education at Mercer FRC includes the following programs: Love and Logic, Make Parenting a Pleasure, Strengthening Families, and ELEVATE (couple’s curriculum) all of which strengthen family bonds, enhance family communication, and teach appropriate discipline techniques.

“Mercer saved my life and my family. Thank you.” – Love and Logic participant.

“I learned that [counseling] can help you in many more ways than I thought it would.” – Counseling client. Our professional, licensed clinicians are available for individual, couples, and family counseling. We offer sliding fee scales, evening sessions and a Spanish speaking therapist to make it accessible to all.

“I liked that this has helped me cope and learn new ways to figure out my problems.” – Counseling client.

Thanks for touring Mercer Family Resource Center! By purchasing a sponsorship or ticket to Dancing with the Stars of Casper 2018 at: you can join our team by promoting healthy youth and strong families in our community. All proceeds at our 8th annual fundraising event sustain programs and clients served throughout the year.