Community Health Center: We Are Your Flu Vaccine

You never saw it coming. Nobody ever does. You step out into the world with the best of intentions and the day starts out typically enough. You wake up (about 15 minutes late), brew coffee, shower and give yourself a pep talk.

“This is your day,” you say to yourself. “You are good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like you.”

Satisfied with your self-care, you leave the safety and comfort of your home and step into the outside world. And that’s when it starts.

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First, there is the kindly old neighbor lady who wishes you a good day. You smile, obligingly, unaware that said old neighbor lady has been battling a headache and a sore throat for the past two days. When she wished you well, tiny droplets moved through the air, leaving her system and entering yours. Blissfully unaware, you continue on with your day.

You step into your office, ready to tackle all of the day’s scheduled meetings. Before you can even open up your email inbox, however, Kyle from accounting stops by your desk to small talk, in between coughing fits into his arm.  This was better than his hand, but it still didn’t contain all of the droplets that are now passing through the air, again inviting themselves into your respiratory system.

Kyle leaves and you get to work. You cough a couple of times and sniffle. As the day continues on, you notice yourself start to feel more fatigued than usual.  Then your nose starts to run. Then your head starts to hurt.

Then you sneeze.

By the end of the day, you’re a mess. You can barely move. You can’t breathe. The only thing coming out of your mouth is a succession of coughs. You struggle the entire way home, until you can finally throw your keys on the counter, take off your jacket and surrender to the comfort and warmth of your waiting bed. You fall asleep fairly quickly, but awake with a start, remembering the three words that will haunt you throughout the night. It’s only Monday.

“I should have gotten a flu shot,” you say to yourself.

That’s how quickly it can happen. While typical colds take days or even weeks to first appear, influenza happens fairly suddenly. Flu viruses travel through the air in microscopic droplets when someone with an infection coughs, sneezes or even talks. Though you’re just the innocent bystander, you can inhale those droplets directly. Flu can also travel from objects, such as telephones, and transfer to your eyes, nose and mouth. The flu is a hard infection to get over, but it’s an easy one to contract.

As with most infections, the best defense is a good offense and the best offense you could give yourself is a flu vaccination from the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming. A quick shot can spare you entire days, weeks and months of misery. It might even salvage your professional relationship with Kyle. At the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming, we offer fast and efficient flu vaccinations that won’t break your bank. Truth be told, a flu shot will end up being much cheaper than the handfuls of medications you’ll need to give yourself just to make it through the week. We know how inconvenient and irritating flu shots are, but we also know that the world deserves you at your healthiest because, at CHCCW, we are your health.

For a fast, convenient, professional relationship-saving flu shot, come into the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming, located at 5000 Blackmore Road or call 307-233-6000 to schedule an appointment.