PMCH: Growing and Recruiting

At PMCH, we believe that the right team leads to the right results. For years, we have grown and developed our team of certified public accountants and our track record with our clients speaks for itself.  While busily providing services and support to our clients, we have also been quietly buying and renovating a new space for our offices at 600 East 1st Street. This is just one more testimony to our growth, and it has provided an opportunity to refresh our brand while we expand our service offerings.  We have added Pathfinder Investments, a wealth management branch, to our traditional Accounting services.  Adding wealth management allows us to help our clients with tax-centric pension and wealth management options. Additionally, our new remodeled space increases opportunities to host trainings and seminars for our clients, the first of which will focus on human cyber-security.

As we continue to grow our business, we are constantly seeking the very best certified public accountants that Wyoming has to offer. When we look for a new member to add to our team, we do not focus strictly on accounting skills; we want someone with character, integrity and the desire to give our clients the best service they deserve. We want individuals with a clear sense of personal and professional accountability. Our team members exercise sound judgment and enjoy building relationships with their clients.

We believe that each and every staff member plays an integral role in our firm’s success. We recognize the value of different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. By respecting these differences, we enrich our team and enhance the services that we provide to our clients.

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Accounting skills are important, but those can be taught. Character, integrity and honesty cannot. We believe there are numerous individuals in Casper that demonstrate both the skills and character necessary to be a valued member of our firm.

PMCH is one of Wyoming’s leading accounting firms and that is because our team is dedicated to the community, to their families and to our clients. There are no exceptions to this mandate and it has proven to yield incredible results. We also believe in the value of spending time with our families. We all balance work and life responsibilities and we believe that a happy family lends itself to a happy career. We offer opportunities for our team members to build their skills and explore their careers in an ongoing learning environment.

At PMCH, we want the best because our clients deserve the best. Our clients and our staff build success hand-in-hand, because together we are PMCH.

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