GEO Group is hiring Social Services Coordinator at Casper Reentry Center

Join a community who cares. The GEO Group is now hiring Social Service Coordinators in Casper, Wyo. Apply now.

Under general supervision, the Social Services Coordinator provides transitional counseling and employment assistance to eligible facility residents.  This role also oversees the collection and accounting of resident finances in accordance with Federal Bureau of Prisons, and American Correctional Association standards, as well as Company policies and procedures.     

This is a full time role, 40 hours per week plus benefits. 

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Wages are $14.42 per hour plus $4.41 health and welfare.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities: 

  1. Maintains positive relationships with local Job Service and other job referral agencies and community resources; acts as liaison with local employers;
  2. Assists in developing facility structured programs for job search and job retention;
  3. Develops individualized job search and retention plan for residents unemployed for 21 days or more;
  4. Counsels residents regarding community vocational and employment programs or facility job prospects;
  5. Conducts random verification of both job search endeavors and existing employment, via site visits or telephone calls, and records such in resident files, noting any discrepancies;
  6. Records all employment information including job termination in resident records;
  7. Investigates irregularities or discrepancies with resident self reported employment hours vs. hours actually paid;
  8. Assists the Resident Account Adviser with the collection of resident pay checks, when necessary;
  9. Assists Residents with gaining an appropriate support group;
  10. Assist Residents with gaining appropriate and affordable housing for re-entry into the community;
  11. Will develop and coordinate re-entry programs to ensure continuity of care for the offender and facilitate services for offenders with special needs;
  12. Must demonstrate conceptual and applied knowledge of Evidence Based Principles (EBP) of Offender Rehabilitation to include, but not limited to: risk, need, responsiveness, motivational interviewing, and stages of change.


Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a human services, social or behavioral science program from an accredited college or university is required.
  • One year experience must be working in a social services field in a relevant position is required. 
  • Valid driver’s license. 
  • Good computer skills and working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software programs, such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Office and internet navigation.

Opportunities for Security Monitors & Substance Abuse Counselors Also Available! Apply now.

The GEO Group is an equal opportunity employer.