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UW-Casper graduate heading to Yale Medical School this fall

The University of Wyoming at Casper is proud to announce that Hunter McCurdy is headed to Yale for medical school. Born and raised in Casper, Hunter obtained an Associate of Science in pre-medicine at Casper College after which he transferred to the University of Wyoming at Casper. 

“I loved my time at UW-Casper and UW-Laramie. The teachers at Casper College were fantastic, especially in the biology department. They really pushed me academically which prepared me for my transfer to UW. When I transferred from Casper College to UW-Casper, I was surprised how much support I got from my professors. They were all very encouraging of my pursuit of medical school and helped me take the steps I needed to in order to get into medical school. The teachers at UW-Casper are all incredible and helped me develop academically.”

While at UW-Casper, Hunter was mentored by Dr. Seville, Dr. Motriuk-Smith and Dr. Teulé-Finley, and engaged in research funded by Wyoming IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Program. “The research I was involved with via the INBRE program was a huge help, not just with my studies, but also with getting into medical school. My professors were also encouraging when I wanted to transfer to UW-Laramie to continue my education. The INBRE transition fellowship that I received made my transfer possible. The people I met at UW-Laramie helped me learn more about the intricacies of getting into medical school. Overall I had a great time in Laramie.” After transferring to UW-Laramie Hunter graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in physiology. “I’m grateful for the opportunities offered at both campuses and I know that my education at both UW campuses helped me get into medical school.”

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“I was quite surprised and very excited when I was accepted to Yale,” Hunter says about his process of applying to medical schools. “I had been accepted to a few other medical schools prior, so I had already experienced the initial relief associated with my first acceptance. Yale was unique, however, in that it was the first school where I wasn’t sure if I was going to be accepted or not.”

Hunter is ready for the next step in his collegiate journey, but the acceptance and financial aid process are separate which made attending Yale in the fall still uncertain. “Most of Yale’s financial aid is need based, so they determine how much to offer based on personal and parental income. I had an idea of what I was going to get, and their initial scholarship matched about what I had expected. About a week and a half after the initial financial aid offer, they followed up with another scholarship, and I was ecstatic at that point. When I received that offer, I knew where I was going.” He’s happy to have accepted a full ride scholarship to Yale School of Medicine and will start in the fall 2019 semester.

There will be many options to him as a new student to find his specialty. “As a medical student, I will be taking all the same classes as the other medical students. All medical schools have great infrastructure to support their students in exploring what they’re passionate about to help them decide which specialties they would like to practice as physicians. I am excited to shadow physicians as a medical student to help me decide where I would like to focus. Right now, I am interested in emergency medicine and internal medicine, but I am trying to keep an open mind going into medical school.”

After graduation, Hunter already has plans. “I will hopefully be working and learning as a resident, although I am not yet sure in which specialty. After my residency, I think I’ll likely be returning to Wyoming to practice in order to help fill the physician shortage in our state.”

Are you interested in taking the next step in your career? Earn your bachelor’s degree in Casper! Admission for the University of Wyoming at Casper’s fall semester is still open. For information on the online and classroom degrees offered, call 307-268-2713 or visit http://www.uwyo.edu/distance/programs/.