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CDC Responds with Hope Bike Fest

“Kids supporting kids.” That is the line that Alisha Rone, Director of the Child Development Center, kept repeating while discussing the upcoming ‘Bike Fest,’ being held at the Casper Events Center on September 7th, 2019.

Beginning at 8am and acting as a lead-in to the annual ‘Kids Fest,’ sponsored by the Wyo Central Federal Credit Union, ‘Bike Fest’ will consist of various races with levels of participation for children aged 2-12 years old. From Strider Bike activities for the younger children who are still perfecting the art of using training wheels, to a more advanced, legitimate bike race for 10-12 year olds, Bike Fest is a way for kids to do something they love, in front of an audience, for an especially good cause. 

Registration for the event is only $20 for early registers, and $25 on the actual day. All of the money raised through this event will go back into the programming and services offered by the Child Development of Natrona County.

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Those services, many of which are free to the public, include: Development Screenings, Early Intervention Screenings, Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy Services, Pre-School classes and more. Additionally, the Child Development Center offers free workshops for community members, ranging from basic sign language courses, play-based learning opportunities, infant massage classes and more. Every dollar raised through Bike Fest goes back into the services that CDC provides. 

That is where the term ‘Kids Supporting Kids’ comes in. Rone and the rest of the CDC team believe that a strong community is vital to the growth and development of its children. This event, like every CDC event, is designed to show the community that we are all in this together, that we will take care of each other and, most importantly, our kids will support your kids and vice-versa. 

Check in for Bike-Fest will begin at 8:00am on Saturday, September 7th. Races will begin at 8:30am and the entire day will be full of games, activities, races and more as the Child Development Center partners with the Casper Events Center and Wyo Central Federal Credit Union to provide a day of bikes, games and, most importantly, hope to the children of our community. 

For more information about registration, visit to register online or call 307-235-5097.