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Dancing With The Stars of Casper announces roster for 2019 ‘Vegas Night’

Dancing With The Stars of Casper- Vegas Night

You will be all-in when you come to the 9th Annual Dancing with the Stars of Casper- Vegas Night benefitting Mercer Family Resource Center on Saturday, October 26, 2019, at 6:00pm at the Casper Events Center. The evening includes a plated meal, a friendly dance competition featuring community leaders, and spirited bidding on a variety of silent and live auction packages. This year our “Stars of Casper” will perform professionally choreographed routines with a Vegas Night theme, hoping to win votes for the People’s Choice Award! There are no betting limits when it comes to voting for your favorite couple, so deal out your best hand by visiting https://one.bidpal.net/dancing2019/browse/donation and up the ante! 

Introducing the players: 

Dance Couple #1- Anna Reeves Olson with Park Street Law Office and Chad Nelson with HUB International Mountain States Limited. Anna “is not in any way a dancer. I have no rhythm and the thought of being on stage makes me want to throw up. However, Mercer FRC has done so much for Casper, so I’m honored to help give back to this amazing organization.”  This is Chad’s fourth year dancing for Mercer Family Resource Center because “Mercer FRC works to build stronger families which is great to have in our community… I have had a lot of fun supporting such a great cause.” 

Dance Couple #2- Dr. Wade Morrison with All Creatures Veterinary Hospital and Heidi Lundberg with Rising Star Tumbling & Dance Studio.  Wade decided to dance because “I come from a family of seven.  This has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of a strong and healthy family environment. The family institution influences who we become as a person and Mercer FRC makes this possible for those in our community.  Oh and also peer pressure and blackmail.” Heidi is excited to dance for Mercer because “Dancing is a lifeline to me. It has stretched, inspired, and shaped my life.  An opportunity such as this, which combines my love of dance and community, is one that I could never pass up!”

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Dance Couple #3- Clint Saunders with Clint Saunders Photography & Outlaw Theatre Productions and Esther Langi with Lifetime Health & Fitness. Clint was inspired to dance for Mercer FRC for 2 reasons. 1) “I was in a bad car accident and spent a couple months in a wheelchair. When I first stood up out of the wheelchair and started learning to walk again, I vowed to never take my legs for granted again. As part of that, I decided that I would do something I’ve always wanted to do, but never made time for, and learn to dance. Just one cool dance, that’s what I wanted. And 2) I judged the event last year and was blown away by the professionalism of the entire event and how amazing the dancers did. I knew I wanted to be a part of it again.” Esther told Mercer “The concept of a dance competition as a fundraiser is brilliant, and the people behind this event have a genuine love for their job and for the people of Casper. This great cause is the reason I’m breaking out of my shell as a stay-at-home mom and military wife, and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve created!”

Dance Couple #4- Taylor Wirtz with K2TV Wyoming’s New Leader and David Hamilton with Wyoming Dance Arts. Taylor has “wanted to dance for Mercer ever since I attended DWTS last year! I was so impressed not only by all the glitz and glam of the dances, but by the incredible good that was being done by so many community members. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Mercer folks several times with K2, and once I met the faces behind the effort, I knew I had to find a way to be a part of it.”

Dance Couples #5- Kilty Brown with Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions and James Stress with Carfire Productions & Actors Equity Association. Kilty is inspired to dance for Mercer FRC because “I love that Mercer works to solve real problems in our community.  They have been an incredible resource to my family and workplace.  Casper is a better community because of them.” 

Dance Couple #6- Mike Boulter with North Platte Physical Therapy and Melissa Martorano with Rising Star Tumbling & Dance Studio. Mike decided to take the stage for Mercer because “This organization plays a significant role in the community.  It is amazing to see the effort and resources that are provided often times without recognition.  Their mission and vision align with my values.  Plus, who doesn’t enjoy making a fool of themselves dancing on stage in front of lot of people.”  Melissa and her “family has felt so welcomed by the community of Casper and we have supported Mercer Family Resource Center for as long as we have lived here. It feels so good to be a part of this amazing night for this incredible organization and I am honored to be asked to participate.” 

2019 Dealers (Judges) 

First Lady Jennie Gordon– The First Lady of Wyoming “was inspired to do DWTS because I participated in the Johnson County version as a dancer. It is a wonderful way to support local communities while having fun at the same time.”

Jim Ruble– Sinclair Casper Refining Company has never done anything like this and thinks it will be new and exciting.  

Cathy Holman– Prairie Wife in Heels- My Country 95.5 was inspired to join our judges panel “When I attended last year’s event to cheer on my good friend Sloan, I was moved by what I learned. The mission of the Mercer FRC is something that I truly support. I approached several people and asked how I could help and I was thrilled to be asked to be a judge.”

Dr. Jessi Waring– Wind City Dental & Casper Fitness Co-Op (2017 Star dancer) “My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in 2017. I believe we all have a responsibility to work to create the kind of community we want to live in, so I jumped at the chance to give back as a judge this year!”

Susan Burk– Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions (2018 Star dancer) “I was a dancer last year, and having conquered that with no major mishap, I decided to volunteer as one of the judges. I very much believe in the work Mercer Family Resource Center does in our community and believe all of us who work toward the health and well-being of our fellow citizens should work together to support one another.”

Kyle Gamroth– Elevate Wyoming wants to be a part of Dancing with the Stars of Casper because “I completely support the mission of Mercer, love the staff, and have had a lot of fun at the fundraiser in years past. Plus I love to judge people.” 

Mercer Family Resource Center provides education, counseling, and prevention services that build stronger and healthier youth and families in our community. In our vision to build a unified community with strong families and healthy youth, Mercer Family Resource Center provides family and parenting education, adult and youth intervention, and community connections that are proactive, impactful, and accessible to anyone in the community!