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Breast cancer awareness is important EVERY month

CASPER, Wyo. — One in eight women, or 12%, will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

Annual screening mammography beginning at 40 years old provides the best opportunity to detect breast cancer as early as possible, which improves the odds of survival. This is so important; you don’t need a doctor’s order for a screening mammogram. Just call for an appointment!

Tomosynthesis is a high-resolution image of the breast offered only at Outpatient Radiology in Casper that improves the detection of breast lesions over screening mammography alone. It is well worth your peace of mind!

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If and when a lesion is found, our board certified radiologists will ensure that you are scheduled for the next stages of diagnosis. Imaging tests that you may require include specific mammographic views of the involved breast also known as a “diagnostic mammogram”, a breast ultrasound, a breast MRI, and potentially a biopsy.

Our team is here to serve you every step of the way from baseline screening through problem solving imaging and biopsy. If you have questions, concerns, or would like to speak to a provider please do not hesitate to call 307-232-5054 and schedule an appointment today.