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Varicose veins and why you should consider having them treated


We know you’re suffering from varicose veins, just like many other men and women here in Wyoming.

However, you don’t need to be cowboy tough and put up with the pain. Your varicose veins are a real medical condition and most insurance companies will pay to have them treated!

Wyoming Vein Specialists has many different options to treat a variety of vein issues. Please call us today if you are suffering from any kind a varicose vein issues.

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Our patients say it best:

“Vein treatment is painless and can change your whole attitude on life.”


“Everyone was kind, patient, efficient, and professional.”


“It’s worth taking the time and doing it for yourself.”


“It will make you feel so much better and no pain. From beginning to end the team makes every step easy.”


Our board certified interventional radiologists, Drs. Bowkley and Smith, look forward to your consultation and discussing your treatment options. No doctor’s order is required so call (307) 232-5054 or contact us online to book your appointment today!

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