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Time nears for annual National Donor Sabbath observance

Have you ever wondered if your Faith supports organ donation? In short, the answer is yes. All major Faiths in the US support organ, eye and tissue donation and many consider donation to be a selfless act of compassion. Through observances, connection and communication, we can learn more about Faith and donation.

What is National Donor Sabbath?

As a person of Faith, the National Donor Sabbath observance, celebrated every year two weekends before Thanksgiving, provides a focused time to learn more about donation and transplantation. Strategically placed during autumn’s month of gratitude, it’s a time for the faithful from all denominations to come together and raise awareness about the gift of life made possible with organ, eye and tissue donation.

How can I connect with other Faithful in my Community?

Nearly 150 Wyomingites are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant – including children and infants and thousands more wait for healing tissue transplants. Many of these Wyomingites belong to Faith communities and possibly even your own. Reaching out to your Faith community members to share the facts of organ, eye and tissue donation is key to connecting others with the lifesaving impacts of donation. And National Donor Sabbath is a perfect time to start the conversation!

How should I talk about donation with my Faith Community?

Wyomingites are incredibly generous and right now nearly 63% of Wyoming adults have said Yes to organ, eye and tissue donation. However, as long as there is still a waiting list for transplants, our work is not done! During National Donor Sabbath, you can share the facts of donation with your Faith community and encourage them to earn the heart on their license by signing up as a donor.

How can I celebrate the gift of life and National Donor Sabbath?

We’ve done all the research for you and put together some free resources that you can share with your Faith community:

In conclusion, celebrating National Donor Sabbath is one small step towards being a symbol of hope to those who are waiting for a gift of life. All Faith communities in Wyoming can leave a legacy of love through organ, eye and tissue donation.

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