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UW at Casper’s Newest Faculty Member

The University of Wyoming at Casper (UW-C) is pleased to welcome Dr. Jim Creel as their tenure-track Assistant Professor in English.

The English Bachelor Degree at UW-C offers students the ability to study British and American literature from their beginnings to the present day, including specialized courses in women writers, film, and literary theory. Their students are able to find career opportunities in advertising and marketing, banking, consulting, creative writing, editing, education, government agencies, screen writing, and more.

As a Casper native, Dr. Creel is excited to be moving from Laramie, where he taught at UW, back to Casper this summer. He will have his wife, Heather, their four children, and dog in tow. They are all looking forward to being involved in the community events and taking full advantage of all Casper offers.

He is teaching his classes online currently, but will be in the classroom for the fall semester. One of his goals is to create a film studies track in the English Department at UW-C. Right now, the UW-C program offers film classes but they are not tied into a specific path.

He is passionate about film studies because that is what helped him thrive in higher education. “I was a struggling Computer Science major that hated to program, and I took a Film and Religion course at UW from Dr.’s Flesher and Torry,” Creel remembers with fondness. “When I realized that people actually made a living talking about film, I was hooked. Over the next few years, I had multiple conversations with Dr. Susan Aronstein, who convinced me as a second-year Master’s student to join the English Department. I’ve been writing about film, television, and video games ever since.”

Along with creating a film track, Dr. Creel would love to partner with the community and theatres in Casper to hold a horror movie festival where the films are shown and then discussed.

University of Wyoming at Casper welcomes those who enjoy small-class environments, intensive class discussions, and opportunities for self-direction, self- reflection, and scholarly activity. Their faculty members encourage and support both the self-examination and growth of students. For more information, go to www.uwyo.edu/uwcasper/ or call 307-268-2713 to schedule your advising time.

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