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Proof You’re a True Local – Because These 15 Things Say So!

@abbyroich // Instagram (Contributed, 5150′ Local)

I think we could all agree that 2021, our “new normal” post-pandemic, has brought along many changes to 5150’. From the local housing market EXPLODING to wide-open-spaces making their way on to adventurer’s bucket lists like never before, it is no secret that Casper, along with the entire beautiful state of Wyoming, is welcoming droves of new people from far off places. 

As our mountain town blooms into summer and we once again gather with friends and family, we can’t help but feel as if the future of Casper always comes up in conversation. Let’s face it… as locals and as die-hards, it can all seem scary “big-picture”. We want to share the magic of our place and allow it to grow while simultaneously staying loyal to the “Wyoming way” we’ve always known.

Amidst all of the change, here in the 5150’ we know there’s a lot more to being local than just dwelling here. There’s an entire insider culture that takes time (and experience) to appreciate. In our opinion, we are happy to welcome in new faces… just as long as they ride for the brand, make our community a better place and don’t dip out upon the first snowfall.

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We all know what makes us truly local, but just for fun (and maybe future bragging rights) – here’s the “top 15” things that prove you’re a true local:

1. You wore Carhartt before it was cool. 

@gabrielle_crumley // Instagram (contributed, 5150′ Local)

2. When a winter storm warning comes through, you and your friends bet on how many “newbies” would be in the ditch by 8 a.m. Only to leave for work a little early, dig them out and invite them over for dinner. What can we say… it’s just what we do! 

3. You know AT LEAST one Chris LeDoux song by heart. 

4. Your kids have never left to trick-or-treat without a parka, a BUFF or grandpa’s best pair of leather gloves. Let’s face it… local kiddos have to work for their Halloween candy in the 5150’!

5. You know to never, ever, EVER try to pet a buffalo. Or put one in your car…

@abbyroich // Instagram (Contributed, 5150′ Local)

6. You’re convinced that the Tetons are just the beginning of Wyoming’s endless beauty. 

7. Someone has asked you if jackalopes are real (and you said, “Yes!” without hesitation).

8. You’ve yelled “Powder River, Let ‘er Buck!” to hype up a crowd. 

9. Your definition of a traffic jam involves a herd of cattle, a couple of ranchers on horseback, OR… our local gaggle of turkeys (that are in no hurry to go anywhere and are a consistent traffic debacle around town)! We hate to love them, don’t we?

10. You’ve sipped on an Eggington’s Bloody Mary (they’ve got ‘em, they’re just not on the menu. Sshhh, don’t tell anyone!)

@beanbubby // Instagram (Contributed, 5150′ Local)

11. You’ve left your wallet in the cupholder with your car unlocked because you “just need to run in really quick”.

12. When out of towners ask you where Wyoming even is and for a second you think about bending the truth… Because Wyoming isn’t real… right?

13. You measure distance in hours or minutes. 

@cici_but_outside // Instagram (contributed, 5150′ Local)

14. You’ve ever uttered the term “Greenie!” under your breath on a fishing trip to Miracle Mile. 

15. When it comes to 5150’, or #wyhomeing in general, you act like a protective older sibling who would stop at nothing to defend the family name.

All jokes aside, there’s a certain chivalry and pride to being a Wyomingite. We mean what we say, say what we mean, and we are excited to welcome others to our state and show off our famous Wyoming hospitality… as long as they ride for the brand and keep Wyoming “Forever West”. 😉

Any good ones we missed? Give us your best line in the comments below: You know you’re local if __________________________________________________.

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Casper. The Oil City. Land that we love.

Sometimes, Casper gets a bad rap. It’s windy. Winters are cold. We’re in the middle of freakin’ no where. But there’s a reason we put up with this sh*t. We could leave, point our truck toward the Colorado state line and never look back. But we never would. (Can you even imagine…) Casper locals are a rough, tough and gritty bunch. We are proud of the Oil City.

We believe that Casper is the best of the West. We are obsessed with the true city that sits at 5150′ that locals know. We secretly love that we get in traffic jams caused by turkeys, that we can’t keep the deer out of our yards and that first weekend of each summer that we can roll the windows down makes the long winter worth it (even if it doesn’t come until June). We know it can be windy, cold and in the middle of nowhere… and that’s just where we like it.

We’re here to connect with our fellow Casper-ites. Join us in celebrating the Oil City: all of our quirks, wide-open spaces, makers and creators, locals, might-as-well-be-locals and our stories that make Casper a damn good place to call home.