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Why give to WyoGives?

WyoGives- Contributed

While The Wyoming Nonprofit Network encourages year-round and annual giving, here are some reasons to consider donating to WyoGives July 14, 2021.

WyoGives, an initiative of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, always supports giving directly to the nonprofits of choice any time of the year. Simply stated, the mission of WyoGives is to raise awareness for nonprofits statewide. By coming together on one day, the WyoGives platform leverages resources to promote the good work charities are doing in communities across Wyoming! WyoGives does great things for participating nonprofits, including free training, useful tools and templates so organizations can be successful, and let’s not forget excitement and celebration!

Giving is contagious! Wyoming will come together as a state in one 24-hour period to give back and support our nonprofit community.These organizations touch many lives every day. With so many nonprofits to discover, WyoGives is an easy platform for donors and potential new donors to find a mission/cause to donate to.

Donations are easy!  Here’s how it works:

When you visit WyoGives.org, you will see a list of all participating organizations. Simply click on the nonprofit of your choice or use the search field to find an organization you are passionate about. Not sure what organization to give to? Donors can search by cause to find a list of related organizations. You can also search by county. Once you select one or more organizations, you will be directed toward a shopping cart. Checkout is easy and secure, only having you enter your payment information once, then confirming your gift. Each donation made to a participating nonprofit will be disbursed directly to them.

Every donation makes an impact. Give thanks to those who help in our community daily and give back by donating to WyoGives July 14.

Live Here, Give Here.