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The Michael Houck Real Estate Team: taking care of clients and the community

Tayler Stephenson, Oil City

CASPER, Wyo. — Tyler Muckley is part owner of The Michael Houck Real Estate Team. He is also an active real estate agent for the company. He works on a team with 12 other people, that all work to build the community. As a major part of the company, he and his team sell real estate in and around Casper with a personal touch.

Muckley spends a great deal of time invested in his work, but with his time off he loves to go to the lake. He is also an avid gamer who likes to play Call of Duty.

Muckley and his girlfriend, Amber Owens, are also expecting a baby boy in October. In May, they had an interesting gender reveal party at which two people dressed up in an inflatable suits, one in a blue shark and pink unicorn costume, respectively. The two creatures had a boxing match until one fell. The winner was the blue shark, identifying the gender as a boy.

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Within the community, Muckley is enthusiastic about being involved in helping raise money and taking part in donations. The Olivia Caldwell Foundation, which is a local non-profit that helps raise funds for the research of pediatric cancer, is one of Muckley’s biggest interests. He is also willing to help out friends in need. This sentiment is not just followed by him, but the Michael Houck Real Estate Team as a whole.

They are exceptionably involved with the community. One of their major projects is Habitat for Humanity. The entire team embraces the idea that everyone should have an affordable place to live. According to Muckley, “Here at The Michael Houck Real Estate Team, we try to take care of not only our clients, but also our community.”

The Michael Houck Real Estate Team is dedicated to helping clients make the perfect decision in buying, selling, or renting homes. They strive for excellence and are happy to help you find what is right for you. Tyler Muckley is one of the many smiling faces ready to help.

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