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WyoGives 2021 can involve the whole family!

WyoGives Contributed

CASPER, Wyo. — As the state of Wyoming gets ready for WyoGives on July 14, one thing to remember is the importance of the donors, for without them, this campaign would mean nothing. Keep in mind donors don’t have to be adults. Donors can be children and young adults. 

For those of us that are parents, we want our children to understand the value of giving and experience the joy that giving brings. In other words, we can teach our children to be charitable, but to do that we must talk to our children about being charitable. Talking about the value and importance of an organization and the work they do is an important part of philanthropy.

When visiting the WyoGives website, families can view all the participating nonprofits and learn about each of their causes. Here, you can also point out the charities you support, how you support them, and why you support them.

Whatever your approach, this year during WyoGives, encourage your children to help with the actual act of donating. That might consist of filling out the form online or clicking the donate button.  

Last year we heard wonderful stories about several Wyoming families who donated together. Each family member chose an organization and donated to that cause. One little boy busted open his piggy bank to give to an animal shelter. One little girl took her proceeds from the lemonade sales and donated it to a Food Bank. Whatever the cause, these acts of kindness were a fulfilling charitable experience with the family.

On July 14, donate to WyoGives. Make it a family event! Every contribution will be put toward resources that help our communities thrive. What a valuable lesson it can be to teach our children today about the good they can do for the future.