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Mountain West Technologies Corporation provides outdoor Wi-Fi with local partnerships

Truck supplying internet at Pops in the Park (courtesy Mountain West Technologies Corporation)

CASPER, Wyo. — Mountain West Technologies Corporation is partnering with Wyoming Symphony Orchestra (WSO) to bring internet to outdoor events. Having good, reliable Wi-Fi in an outside venue is virtually unheard of, but Mountain West and their group of trained technicians was able to accomplish this.

Largely because of COVID-19, the WSO moved many of their ticket sales online. This was easy, safe, and convenient for customers, though it created a problem at the actual events in terms of internet. The question was, how would they be able to scan the tickets that were bought online?

Last year, their solution was to use mobile hotspots, but this was not very feasible. Their connection was faulty and unreliable, and not everyone had unlimited data, creating more problems.

As this year began and the events rolled out, they realized that it was time to face the Wi-Fi battle again. Rebecca Hebert, Program and Event Manager for WSO, decided to reach out to Mountain West.

She says that she heard how Mountain West was using their ability to provide high-speed wireless internet in Casper and thought that they might be able to do this for their events as well. As it turns out, Mountain West was able to far exceed her expectations.

The first event was Wine on the River, a fundraiser that supplied them with over a quarter of their revenue to operate. They had sold tickets online and needed to be able to admit people at the point of sale. Mountain West set up temporary Wi-Fi using a truck with a dish and a router, providing them with internet in an open space right on the river.

Truck supplying internet at Wine on the River (courtesy Mountain West Technologies Corporation)

The next event was Pops in The Park. This was a little bit trickier because there were two different points of sale. Additionally, Matt Kadlick, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mountain West, said that it was a much bigger space and there were a lot of trees to get around.

Truck supplying internet in between trees at Pops in the Park (courtesy Mountain West Technologies Corporation)

However, this did not stop them. Kadlick and his company were able to provide fast, reliable internet to this event using a bucket truck to place the equipment in just the right spot. Hebert says, “The speed was amazing and there were no glitches whatsoever.”

She continues by saying that she is excited to be able to work with a local company. “We are a local organization, there is something really cool about creating partnerships … and working together to create things for the community.”

The collaboration between businesses in town and being able to support each other is also a focus point for Mountain West. This is in part because they are a 307 First company that tries to do business with other Wyoming companies. Kadlick says that the best outcomes have been the partnerships they have established: “to be a Wyoming internet provider that helps the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra.”

The partnership will continue into the rest of the WSO concert season. Mountain West will be providing internet at Natrona County High School and for the WSO’s livestreams. Hebert says, “It is exciting to explore options that do not pin us down … and I feel that they are also interested in what we do and supporting us.”

Kadlick says they were also excited that Mountain West was able to provide this same type of internet service for the Ford Wyoming Center during the 4th of July event.

The Ford Wyoming Center contacted them because the food trucks needed internet during the event. As a result, the Ford Wyoming Center is now set up with a permanent outdoor Wi-Fi system. It provided free Wi-Fi for not only the vendors but any of the spectators in the parking lots as well. This capability is still set up and can be turned on whenever the venue requires outdoor Wi-Fi. In the future, they are hoping to extend this service so that people inside the Ford Wyoming Center can also connect to free Wi-Fi.

Truck during 4th of July at Ford Wyoming Center (courtesy Mountain West Technologies Corporation)

By partnering with local businesses, Mountain West has been able to reach a different audience and help support local events. They are able to use their versatile technology to set up temporary or permanent outdoor internet for companies as well as the people attending the events.

They are providing fiber-like speeds over wireless engineered by local technicians, who are committed to providing internet to everyone in Wyoming who needs it.

Kadlick says, “We are a driving force in Wyoming providing high-speed internet in town and out in the country.” Mountain West can provide internet to homes, businesses, and outdoor events.

You can reach them at 307-233-8400 or visit their website for more information at http://mwtn.net/.

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