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Respiratory Care Week at Wyoming Medical Center


Happy Respiratory Care Week to all of our hard-working Respiratory Therapists (RTs)!

Submitted by the RT Department: There are no words to describe how respiratory therapy has evolved over the last two years. There is no way to describe what we have seen. COVID-19 has intensified the role of RT dramatically. The team at Banner Wyoming Medical Center has continued to evolve as the landscape of healthcare flips itself in all different directions. In the hospital you may see flashes of green running past. It is my wish to you that you as a family member, a patient, or a different department have some grace.

We are tired. We are bouncing treatments, ideas, and hope off each other. We are trying to stay whole. We are strong. We are RT.

Often times hospitals are grouped as Nurses and Doctors, but oh, the village that it really takes to treat every illness known to mankind.

RSV, COVID-19, COPD, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Asthma, Respiratory and Cardiac arrest, and so many more. What are these? These fuel the fire within the RT.

RT has aggressively and tirelessly memorized the disease processes, symptoms, and treatments that accompany such. We are beyond proud as an RT to have doctors look up to us as much as we look up to them.

The faces change, some leave, more are added, and they all go through tough times. Sometimes we disagree. These are tough times. We are a family and it’s a sacred thing. From the very first breath of life to the very last, Happy Respiratory Care Week to every person proud to call themselves respiratory.

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