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A family legacy of great car care from Lube Express

Solomon Stapleton (left) Justin Mockensturm (right) Outside Lube Express where they have worked for 17 and 6 years respectively (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Lube Express, located on 2nd Street, has been serving the community of Casper for the last 25 years. It was owned by Kenneth Eickhoff until he unfortunately passed away in July. His two daughters now follow in his footsteps, taking on the family business.

Deanna Eickhoff-Brownell and Brenda Eickhoff are the new owners of Lube Express. When their father passed away, they stepped away from their other jobs and took it upon themselves to keep the business going.

Deanna has a master’s degree in education and was a Instructional Facilitator at Lincoln Elementary School, and now she runs the marketing side of Lube Express. Brenda worked for nonprofits and submitted grant applications, and now she oversees accounts payable for the business. Together, the sisters can maintain the same great customer service and car care that Lube Express has always offered.

Deanna says, “One reason we are doing this is to keep our dad’s legacy alive.”

The Eickhoffs also felt that they owed it to the staff, many of which have been there since Lube Express opened, to keep the business going. It is a testament of the hardworking crew to their dad.

Upon taking up this role, they had a lot of things that they had to learn. Deanna says, “It was not a learning curve, it was a learning cliff.” Going into the business, none of the Eickhoffs had a lot of car experience, but they did know how to run a business. Ken hired many great employees who knew the ins and outs of cars and with their help built a successful business centered around customer service and car care. Since taking the business over, the sisters have continued this model.

There are thirteen employees at Lube Express, including both Deanna and Brenda. Last year, they entered the team into an national contest. The employees won the National Leadership and Courage Awards for their dedication to the business through the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of Ken.

The sisters planned a special dinner around Thanksgiving to notify the team of their award and gave them a monetary appreciation.

The business has been a staple in the Casper community and the customers that come in are often repeats, many of them having known Ken and still loyal to the Eickhoffs. Lube Express has a 75% return customer base.

John Phillips is one of those amazing repeat customers. Tuesday, December 14, he came into the shop for great service and met Deanna. He knew and was friends with Ken. He was happy to finally put a name to the face of the new owners and appreciated that Deanna and Brenda are “boots on the ground” employers.

By taking the hands-on approach, Deanna and Brenda have been able to get to know the employees both on the job and as they are at home. It is important to remember that they are also family,

The hardest part about running the business has been the behind-the-scenes work, but it has also been the most rewarding part.

Moving forward, the business is going to continue offering its same great customer service it always has. Additionally, they are looking at how the market might be changing. With the new electric cars, they have to be ready to service those vehicles as well. While Wyoming might have a little longer to go until then, Lube Express wants to be prepared for anything.

The employees are what really make Lube Express stand out. They are hardworking and dedicated to the mission of minutes, not hours.

Solomon Stapleton at the front desk, ready to check you in for great customer service. (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

Here is a list of all the employees who you might see at the front desk or taking care of your automotive needs.

Kathy McKinzie – Office Manager, 28 years
Solomon Stapleton – Shop Manager/Technician, 17 years
Brandy Pickler – Receptionist, 13 years
Brendan Vest – Assistant Manager/Technician, 12 years
Brendon McComas – Assistant Manager/Technician, 8 years
Justin Mockensturm – Lower Technician, 6 years

Damian Gaylord – Lower Technician
Dexter Whitlow – Lower Technician
J.T. Morrison – Upper Technician
Alex Tougher – Upper Technician
Liam Petts – Upper Technician

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