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Maddie Eathorne: From rancher to teacher

Maddie Eathorne

Maddie Eathorne was born into a long line of ranchers in Douglas, Wyoming. When she began to struggle with reading and writing in elementary school, she knew she wanted to become a teacher that would help children with these struggles. 

Maddie’s struggles with her own education enabled her to successfully mentor children with those same difficulties through positive reinforcement. 

“If I hear a kid say they can’t do it,” Maddie explains, “I say, ‘No, you just cannot do it right now.’” Her advice for anyone wanting to pursue a teaching degree at the University of Wyoming at Casper is “to just do it.”  

According to Maddie, the University of Wyoming at Casper’s Elementary Education Program has more than prepared her to become a positive teacher. The high expectations from her professors, along with their desire to make every future teacher succeed, has guided Maddie to becoming the teacher she has always wanted to be. 

For more information on the University of Wyoming at Casper’s educational program, contact Rochelle McCoy at (307) 268-2141 or visit https://www.uwyo.edu/uwcasper/.

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