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Lindsay Bergman pursues her lifelong dream of being a teacher

Lindsay Bergman

Lindsay Bergman has always known she wanted to become a teacher. “In junior high and high school, I used to write down ideas every time I thought a teacher did something I could use in my own classroom one day,” says Lindsay. 

After graduating high school, she took advantage of her local community college and attended Casper College to get her associate degree in elementary education. 

Lindsay was able to transfer to the University of Wyoming at Casper’s elementary education program with ease to finish her teaching degree. Being given the opportunity to do that gave Lindsay a lot of advantages for her future career. One of the most appealing aspects for Lindsay was being in small-sized class where she could develop a professional relationship with her professors. 

“This really helped as I continued in my degree,” states Lindsay. “I have been very fortunate to have great mentors at the University of Wyoming at Casper.” When she is not pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, Lindsay loves to travel, read, kayak, and cook. 

Her advice for anyone interested in pursuing an elementary education degree is to get in the classroom as soon as possible. She has seen people drop out after having that classroom experience because it was not for them. With the University of Wyoming at Casper, student teachers can have classroom time early and often. 

For more information on the University of Wyoming at Casper’s educational program, contact Rochelle McCoy at (307) 268-2141 or visit https://www.uwyo.edu/uwcasper/.

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