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Untrapped Tuesdays Presents Eco-hero #5: The Red Fox

photographer Savannah Rose Burgess

View the fifth video in our Engagement Through Film Series, “The Red Fox, A Life on the Edge,” a tribute to the resiliency of a fox and inspiration for us to coexist. Did you know that the North American red fox is, on average, only about the size of a large house cat?

El Zorro Rojo, una Vida al Borde (Versión en Español).

Red foxes are the most widely distributed canines on the planet, mainly due to their intelligence, skill, and remarkable adaptability, which, in essence, are the foxes’ greatest gifts.

Foxes are an “edge species” occupying transitional zones, where the forest meets grassland, and small rodents, birds, and den sites are abundant. They are the hunters and the hunted. Foxes have benefited by living near larger predators, including us. They learned how to scavenge and forage for food left behind by other predators and are clever enough to evade predation themselves. Once humans began colonizing, they created fox habitats with manmade structures and livestock, where rodent populations thrive. 

Foxes flourished, living on the edges of human developments and providing much-needed rodent control, until human views changed from friend to foe. In Wyoming, foxes are trapped, snared, and shot without limit. Foxes can be killed in any manner all year long. There is no mandatory reporting or population monitoring.  

We have long been mesmerized and enchanted by foxes, admiring their intellect and resiliency. We have benefited from having foxes as our closest neighbors. But now they need us to put a stop to their needless killing. Foxes embody coexistence, and we can, too. 

Join us to protect these incredibly versatile canines.

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