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Newest addition to 307 First’s silhouette project featured during Glendo’s 100th celebration

Photo courtesy of Mark DeLap, Platte County Record-Times

Families, friends, and community members of Glendo gathered on Saturday to celebrate the centennial birthday of Glendo Days. This 100-year commemoration was the first public event to feature a 1.25-ton silhouette of a cowboy sitting by a campfire with his trusty horse by his side. This metal art piece is not only part of the Glendo community now, but also a part of 307 First’s statewide silhouette project.

Keith and Kara Micke, owners of Micke’s Restaurant in Glendo, collaborated with Kelly Wenzel, also of Glendo, to install this metal art piece. They were inspired to get involved after seeing the silhouettes GW Mechanical placed alongside Highway 20/26 between Casper and Shoshoni

After spotting the 307 First logo, they reached out and asked how they could get one placed in the Glendo community. Wenzel provided funding for the project and, thanks to the team effort, this silhouette is now located outside of Micke’s Restaurant.

Photo courtesy of Mark DeLap, Platte County Record-Times

According to Mark DeLap of Platte County Record-Times, Kara stated, “This is for the whole community and we are proud to have such a great piece of art at the restaurant.” She also shared, “We would love to see more silhouettes across Platte County.”

Numerous western-themed metal silhouettes have already been popping up across Wyoming, in places such as Casper, Cheyenne, Riverton, and Gillette. These silhouettes are both captivating and intricate, and cars driving along Wyoming roads can’t help but notice them. Along with their visual appeal, these icons are part of a far greater goal that is the core of 307 First.

307 First’s mission is simple: to keep Wyoming companies in Wyoming. A huge fan of the Cowboy State, this organization is doing everything it can to support Wyoming. Some of 307 First’s goals include creating more jobs for Wyoming people and making sure Wyoming money stays in the state.

The intention with the silhouette initiative is to raise awareness of this mission. Thanks to numerous Wyoming businesses, residents, and other organizations, 307 First has made great strides in creating more visibility to both visitors and those who call Wyoming home.

Photo courtesy of GW Mechanical, Facebook

This project wouldn’t have gotten as far as it has without the help of locals. Along with Keith, Kara, and Kelly’s efforts for the Glendo art piece, many other Wyoming businesses and residents have supported similar landmarks across the Cowboy State. GW Mechanical has collaborated on many of the silhouettes that have been placed alongside Highway 20/26.

Kara Garbutt, operations manager at GW Mechanical, says, “If we stick together as Wyomingites then we’re stronger. We are stronger together than we are alone. If we can keep our monies local, it helps everybody.”

Several businesses’ involvement even bridges past the silhouette project. Two companies, Mountain West Technologies and Computer Professionals Unlimited, are actually a part of the 307 First family.

Mountain West Technologies provides internet, phone, and streaming TV, and Computer Professionals Unlimited offers IT hardware, support, and cybersecurity.

To get involved with the highway silhouette project or for more info, visit 307First.com.

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