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5 Reasons to Get in the Game – Casper Midget Football Association


The Casper Midget Football Association registration for the 2022 Fall Season is underway! In this program, it’s more than just learning the game of football for fifth- and sixth-grade athletes. It’s about sportsmanship, having fun, and building self-esteem. With any new sport for young athletes, there is nothing quite as rewarding as learning new skills alongside a team of friends. When you’re searching for something to spark your child’s excitement, consider these five reasons to get in the game:

1. All About the Fun  

Above all else, the CMFA volunteer coaches are dedicated to making sure each kid is having fun while learning the game of football. As a team sport, each kid, regardless of ability, will participate in games. Not one kid gets left on the bench, as the coaches believe the best way to improve and have fun is to PLAY. Learning skills, practicing drills, and running around with friends will make your kid look forward to football night. Bonus: It’s fun for the parents, too. Getting into the game with other parents and watching your kid’s team grow and play will make football night just as exciting for you as it is for them.

2. Building Character  

Sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect learned on the field are traits that CMFA kids will carry with them throughout their lives. While learning the game of football, players learn pride and self-esteem. Seeing improvements in their skills and abilities allows players to learn that they can do anything they set their minds to. CMFA players also learn the value of teamwork as all players are rewarded equally as a team, not as individuals. While the team’s success is their success, winning isn’t everything. It’s about learning values and working hard to be a good player and a good person. 


3. Learning Skills  

The best part about Casper Midget Football is that anyone can play. Young athletes in fifth and sixth grades of any ability are welcome to join. During football practice, players learn a variety of skills from throwing a football to coordination and strategy. All are skills that can be applied to other sports and activities as these young athletes grow up.

4. A Strong History of Sports in Casper  

For over 50 years, the CMFA has been introducing the game of football to generations of children. Since 1969, approximately 15,000 kids have been introduced and participated in the game. As a nonprofit, volunteer organization, it’s safe to say each coach has their heart in the game and dedication to the players on the field.  

5. Safety First 

The CMFA is proud of its program, especially its safety practices and standards. Since its inception in 1969, only a few minor injuries have occurred. Safety comes first, which is why the program invests in the best equipment available, stresses physical fitness, and provides the highest quality coaching. Additionally, CMFA partners with USA Football to teach and utilize the “Heads Up Football Program,” which promotes proper head positioning to help prevent concussions.  

These are just five reasons to get in the game, but once you get to the field, there is so much more that will keep you and your young athlete coming back each season. Casper Midget Football is a great program to begin building the foundation to sports, teamwork, and values that your child can carry through life. Register your athlete by Aug. 24 at www.midgetfootball.org.

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