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Re-Elect Joe MacGuire Wyoming House District 35


Joe MacGuire is a Casper native, NCHS, Casper College, University of Wyoming and University
of Wyoming College of Law.

Joe MacGuire is a pragmatic legislator, Pro-Life, Pro-2 nd Amendment, Fiscal Conservative, with
a proven track record of supporting Wyoming People, Supporting our Wyoming Businesses and
resisting outside money that wants to control how we govern ourselves.


Top issues – our economy and our Wyoming Economy – our Wyoming mineral industry is under
siege. We need to continue to encourage our Wyoming businesses as they diversify and continue
to respond to the new reality. We need to protect our mineral producers that have carried the tax
burden for our citizens for decades.

Health Care in Wyoming – we have one option for private health insurance and limited options
for medical care. We need to continue to encourage our medical providers to stay here in
Wyoming and encourage our citizens to seek medical services here in Wyoming. Once those
medical dollars go out of state, they never come back.


Infrastructure – currently we underspend by over $360 million dollars annually for our Wyoming
state highways and roads. That is just for maintenance – not new construction. The asphalt in
our roads is deteriorating, and just like everything else, once it gets to the point of no return, it
must be replaced instead of repaired.

Support our schools and our teachers.
Support our State employees.
Protect our wildlife.
Support our Wyoming way of life.

We have a great thing going in Wyoming. Don’t let out-of-staters with their huge money control what we do in Wyoming!


I don’t answer to out-of-state money, polls, surveys or faceless rankings. I answer to you, my Casper neighbors and friends.

When you go to the polls on August 16th , I respectfully ask for your vote.

Joe MacGuire – Wyoming Loyal

(307) 333-3653

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