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Steve Freel for Natrona County Commissioner


What makes Steve Freel an ideal candidate for the Natrona County Commission? Freel has acquired years of government experience and first-hand knowledge of how to get to the facts and act in the appropriate manner to properly resolve the issue at hand. He is running for county commissioner to help be a voice that finds solutions at the county level and is looking forward to voters taking to the polls Tuesday, August 16th for the primary elections.

Freel has served on many boards that have added to the knowledge and experience needed to make informed decisions. Currently, Steve Freel serves and liaisons for multiple boards including the Regional Water Board, Advance Casper, Visit Casper, Natrona County Health Department, Old Yellowstone District, and Casper Board of Realtors. Additionally, Freel has been engaged in several issues within Natrona County.

City Buildings
Freel has had recent involvement in the negotiation of the purchase of the 1st Street and David Street Building, which will be the new home for the Casper Police, Fire Administration, and other City offices. This purchase was instrumental in streamlining the numerous City buildings that house several members of the same departments. Moving these departments into one building will be more efficient and cost effective. The initial cost estimates for the City of Casper to build a new Police Station from the ground up were at $45 million, housing only house the Police Department. With the acquisition of this building, the purchase price and renovation costs are projected to be almost half the original amount at $25 million and will house more than one division of the City of Casper.

If elected as a County Commissioner Freel would like to take a similar opportunity and approach when it comes to constructing a new Natrona County Health building. The health department is in desperate need of a new location as they have outgrown their space. When it comes to these types of projects, Freel stresses the need to get the best value possible, as funds for these projects are limited.


County Wages
Recently, Freel has been involved in discussions that brought attention to the wage disparages with County employees as compared to other entities within the County, around the State, and even in neighboring states. Freel acknowledges Natrona County needs to pay competitive wages to retain one of its most valuable assets: its employees. Freel would like to see a wage study completed to confirm whether County employees are being paid adequately or if there needs to be improvements made in the wage bands currently in place.

Oil and Gas
Natrona County, and the State of Wyoming as a whole, have always depended upon the Oil and Gas industry as a main driver to our economy. Freel suggests other opportunities are available to diversify the economy in the manufacturing sector as well as alternative sources of energy including wind and solar. One way to diversify manufacturing, Freel says, is to identify and assist in establishing locations for business development on a larger scale. Current business parks range in 5 to 10-acre parcels, when 60-acre campuses are needed to attract larger companies that bring more job opportunities and higher wages to the community.

Property Taxes
Natrona County has watched the taxation of land and structures go up significantly over the past few years. The County has also seen the amount of citizens contesting the tax hikes and asking for hearings through the Board of Equalization. While the assessments are up to the County Assessor, Freel suggests there needs to be a clear explanation to the citizens on how the process works and why they are seeing this large increase. Freel states, “If there is an issue in the process, it should be identified and resolved. No matter what stage of the process the County Commissioners become involved, they should be open and transparent about the issues and what they can or cannot do to resolve them.”

Freel believes his experience and leadership abilities can be applied to the Commission and promises to be well informed before deciding on any issue. Steve Freel would like to be a voice in the solution to the issues the County Commission faces and kindly asks for your vote the Primary Election August 16th.

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