At Casper Medical Imaging & Outpatient Radiology, we are an ACR-accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. Our team is here to serve you every step of the way, from baseline screening through problem-solving imaging and procedures. Annual screening mammography beginning at age 40 helps detect breast cancer as early as possible. In addition to your 2D screening, adding tomosynthesis or “3D imaging” to the two-view mammogram helps improve the detection of even the smallest of lesions. So, what does it mean if a lesion is found, or you have an abnormal result? Rest assured, our board-certified Radiologists are on site to walk you through the next stages of diagnosis. Further imaging studies may be requested and can include a more specific diagnostic mammogram, a breast ultrasound, a breast MRI or possibly even a biopsy.

If a breast biopsy is warranted, there are several ways to obtain tissue samples that will aid a pathologist to make an accurate diagnosis. X-ray–guided breast biopsies, better known as a stereotactic breast biopsy, is performed when the area of interest is best seen through the mammogram only. A patient will be guided through this exam with a series of additional images used to guide a needle to the area of concern. If the area of interest is seen best on ultrasound, our patients are able to lie on the exam table and the procedure is performed using live ultrasound images to guide the needle in real time to the lesion and samples are taken. Occasionally, some lesions are seen best on an MRI and require a biopsy in the MRI suite.

These exams are less frequent, but imaging with an MRI can provide very specific information pertaining to your lesion and will be biopsied. All three methods of biopsy are considered low invasive, and our goal is to get our patients back to normal life with minimal recovery time.

Should a biopsy be recommended, our team is here to provide you with the highest level of care following the American College of Radiology guidelines. We will work with your healthcare provider to schedule you in a timely manner and help reduce your anxieties. If you have any questions before, during or after your breast imaging or would like to speak to a radiologist regarding your imaging, please do not hesitate to call us at (307) 232-5053.

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