Injury Prevention Resources recently shared a video in which they discuss how often Wyomingites travel and how important safe travel actually is.

“Do you ever wonder how many cars you drive by in a day?” the video asked. “Wonder how many were under the influence?”

The video revealed that the average reported blood alcohol content for DUI arrests statewide was 0.16. That means drivers in Wyoming double the legal limit of 0.08.

“Well I’m not impaired, so I’m safe,” the video rhetorically stated.

Obviously, the video posits, this is not true.

It stated that driving under the influence arrests accounted for 30.86% of all reported arrests in Wyoming.

“Seatbelts cannot only save your life in a wreck, but also help protect against the damages of drunk drivers,” the video stated.

IPR is dedicated to its mission of “zero deaths and zero injuries on our roads.” It says to practice the simple things to survive Wyoming roads, like buckling up, driving attentively and never driving impaired.

YouTube video
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