The woman, let’s call her Vivian, was growing frustrated. And tired. And, to be honest, hopeless. For years, her body had been betraying her; gut health and stomach and digestion issues were severely complicating her overall health, as well as her eating habits. She had been on restricted diets. She had tried various forms of medication. She saw doctor after doctor and nothing helped. Nobody listened.

“I’ve been dealing with stomach issues basically my whole life,” Vivian stated. “But the last couple of years, it’s gotten a lot worse. I went to my previous primary care doctor to get help and told her the symptoms I was experiencing and she, verbatim, said, ‘I don’t know, try this medication.'”

Vivian said that her former doctor then told her to go pick it up from Walmart.

“That wasn’t really what I wanted to hear,” Viv said. “I didn’t think an over-the-counter medicine would help cure my constant nausea, or my lack of being able to eat normal foods, or being in constant pain. So I decided I’d just do my own research and try to heal my gut, myself.”

Vivian said that she spent years poring over any information she could get that reflected her symptoms. And while she began to understand her issues more, there still wasn’t much she could do to fix them.

Then, she heard about an open house taking place at The “M” Building, near downtown Casper. She found that there was a new Family Nurse Practitioner in town and, by that point, she was desperate for anything — or anybody — new, so she attended the open house.

That’s where she met Jen Galloway, FNP-C.

Galloway is a Casper native. She graduated from Casper College with her Associates Degree in Nursing, and she received her BSN from the University of Wyoming. Galloway spent years learning about and working in critical care, radiology, orthopedics, cosmetic injectables and more before pursuing and receiving her master’s degree from Walden University. Additionally, she is nationally certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

“Jen has a passion for health and wellness,” her website states. “She also gained a love for aesthetics while working as a nurse for a dermatology clinic. Her goal is to take time with her patients and create a clean, modern, and welcoming environment that offers individualized care.”

Time. That’s what Jen offers. She understands the importance of time — of spending time — with her patients. Similar to Vivian, Jen has been living with an autoimmune disease and, for a long time, she struggled to find out what was really going on. She went from doctor to doctor, searching for answers without even knowing what kind of questions to ask.

Like Vivian, Jen grew frustrated and, in those frustrations, came a promise to herself and to her future patients that she would do whatever she could to make sure they felt heard.

When Jen moved into The M Building and began offering primary care and functional medicine services to Casper residents, she pledged that she would spend an hour with every patient who came through her door for their first appointment. She would talk to them but, most importantly, she would listen. And that’s what she has been doing ever since.

To Vivian, Jen offered something that none of her previous doctors had — her time.

“I went to her open house and I got to meet her for a few minutes, and we just chatted for a bit,” Vivian said. “She was really nice and we got a meeting set up that I felt pretty confident about, but I was still kind of wary just because I’ve had experiences with doctors who never really listened to me.”

Jen listened. And it made all the difference.

“I got to my appointment, and Jen advertises that you get an hour minimum with her for your first appointment, so you can go really in depth,” Vivian remembered. “And that was one of the things that really drew me to her, because if you’ve ever been to a doctor, you know that you wait for about an hour and a half and maybe get 20 minutes of their time. I was super pleasantly surprised.”

Vivian said that, at first, she was greeted by Jen’s nurse who did the full intake process with her, making sure everybody was on the same page and knew why she was there.

“Then Jen came in and we proceeded to have a full hour conversation; going through my history, what I’m doing currently, what is and isn’t working,” she said. “And she listened to me. And that meant so much. She said things like, ‘Yeah, that makes sense … that’s not normal.’ She basically just made me feel heard and listened to, which I think should be the baseline for doctors, but I’ve never experienced that before. So it was really nice to have her listen to me that way.”

Jen didn’t just listen, however. She and Vivian immediately came up with a game plan — one that would, in the coming weeks and months, provide Vivian with clarity, guidance and, for the first time in a long time, hope.

“She wanted to do some testing,” Vivian offered. “I’ve been on an elimination diet for a couple of years and still have some issues. So, when I left, she wanted me to start eating more protein. I guess I was severely lacking in protein. She wanted me to potentially start strength training. We worked out that I would do some GI testing, with a GI Map, so that we could figure out what’s really happening inside of my gut, instead of just covering up with some medications.”

Jen had Vivian take a specific test designed to figure out what’s happening inside of her stomach. Once Vivian took it, she would bring it back to Jen, who would analyze it and then, together, the two would come up with a plan.

“I was really relieved,” Vivian said. “I went in with an open mind, but even then, I felt relieved and almost even a little bit like crying when she responded to me the way she did, just because when you haven’t been listened to, it means a lot to finally be heard.”

Jen Galloway makes it a point to listen to her patients. It seems like such a simple thing, but, if you haven’t been listened to by doctors, it means a world of difference. That is just one of the things that Jen does differently with Jen Galloway Health. And Vivian isn’t the only person to have rave reviews:

“The staff at Jen Galloway’s office are extremely friendly, personable, and professional,” one Google review stated. “Jennifer takes the time to spend with you, and makes you feel like your visit is the most important visit. She’s professional, and personable.”

Another review said that Jen “took the time to listen to my concerns and focused on my symptoms. The whole experience was a breath of fresh air when it comes to finding primary doctors that care about the person.”

Another review echoed those sentiments.

“My visit to consult with Jen was very helpful,” yet another review stated. “She was very thorough and wanted extensive information on my health profile and goals. She’s a lovely, caring person. I am looking forward to working with her to resolve my health issues.”

Those are just some of the thoughts that come from patients of Jen Galloway Health. These reviews, and more, paint a picture of a practice, and of a provider, who doesn’t just want to prescribe a medication and tell patients to take two and call her in the morning. Jen cares about her patients and she wants to solve their problems, together. She’s able to do so for even more patients now, as she currently accepts Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Mountain Health Co-Op insurance. If there is a way to partner with her clients to find what ails them, Jen Galloway will do it.

“Working with Jen has been so encouraging,” Vivian said. “And I just want to say thank you for listening to me and for making me feel seen and heard.”

For more information on Jen Galloway FNP-C Primary and Functional Medicine, or to schedule an appointment, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

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