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Rum Cakes of Wyoming: Longtime friends bake up a new business

A Rum Cakes of Wyoming cake starts off with over 2 lbs. of batter and contains a special version of Backwards Distilling Company’s rum. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Suzy Studer wanted to start a mail order baking business, but she needed a plan.

Cheesecakes were first considered, but she couldn’t get past the feeling that cheesecakes are a decidedly New York kind of thing.

Then rum cakes came to mind.

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Sturdy and strong rum cakes fit the description of Wyoming, thought Studer. With that in mind, she talked to her longtime friend Snooks Babcock.

“She is a fabulous baker, and she’s done wedding cakes and ran a business,” said Studer. After Babcock sign on, they got started.

“We gave ourselves a year, and gave ourselves little goals every quarter.” They worked on the business plan and design, but mostly they worked on perfecting their rum cake recipes.

“We were looking for heavy, heavy flavor,” said Studer. “There’s a lot of rum in the cake itself, and there’s a lot of rum in the glaze.” The alcohol is baked out, said Studer, but the flavor remains.

“We’d bake a cake and sample it, then we’d try another one,” said Studer, who called on opinions from lucky family members to help try out the recipes.

For the rum, the two enlisted the help of Casper’s Backwards Distilling Company. The company took their rum and concocted a spiced version that will be exclusive to Rum Cakes of Wyoming along with Backwards’ own house cocktails served in their tasting room.

The flagship cake is sold year round. Before baking the batter weighs in at a hefty 2 lbs and 7 oz., according to Studer.

They also developed seasonal cakes sold periodically throughout the year. Christmastime gets a cherry chocolate, Valentine’s gets a red velvet variety, springtime comes a piña colada, and fall gets a pumpkin spice.

Small cakes are also available, and the business will ship.

You can find pricing and order information for Rum Cakes of Wyoming here at their Facebook page. 

Rum Cakes of Wyoming is holding a special launch event with samples and whole cakes at Backwards Distilling Company’s tasting room on Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018.