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UW Seeks Public Comment on Tuition Recommendations

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The University of Wyoming is seeking public comment on recommendations regarding student tuition for the 2019-20 academic year.

According to a release sent by the University, at its Sept. 12-14 meeting, the UW Board of Trustees is expected to act on the recommendations from the UW administration.

According to the statement public input will help inform the trustees’ decision.

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The board is being asked to consider a 4 percent increase in most tuition rates, in line with its current four-year tuition policy. That includes tuition for both Wyoming resident and nonresident undergraduates, along with many graduate students and programs. A table, outlining the tuition rates for the 2018-19 academic year, as well as the administration’s recommendations for the 2019-20 academic year, may be found at the University of Wyoming website.

Those wishing to comment on the 4 percent tuition increase have been asked to submit those comments online.

University of Wyoming 4% Tuition Increase Comments

Three exceptions to the 4 percent increase are also proposed.

— Online graduate programs for nonresidents — The administration proposes a 45 percent reduction in the rate charged to nonresident graduate students enrolled in programs that are solely offered online. UW’s current rate of $780 per credit hour is the highest among its peers when fees are included, resulting in a 40 percent decline in enrollment by these students since fall 2013. The proposed rate of $432 per credit hour would put UW more in line with its peers and make UW more competitive in the market for nonresident students in online graduate programs.

To comment on this proposed change, go to www.uwyo.edu/trustees/public-comment/web_form_gnot.html.

— Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program — The administration is working with the dean of the School of Nursing to establish a rate for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program that is solely offered online that is more in alignment with the rates charged by peer institutions. UW’s current rate of $537 per credit hour is higher than its peers and, as a result, the School of Nursing has seen enrollment decline in recent years. The proposed new rate is $350 per credit hour.

To comment on this proposed change, go to www.uwyo.edu/trustees/public-comment/web_form_rn_bsn.html.

— Online MBA Program — The administration proposes a 5 percent increase in tuition for UW’s online resident, nonresident and executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program. Supported by the College of Business, this increase would align UW with the market for professional business administration degree programs.

To comment on this proposed change, go to www.uwyo.edu/trustees/public-comment/web_form_mba.html.

The deadline for written comments is noon Friday, Aug. 24. Alternately, those wishing to address the Board of Trustees directly during the September meeting will have that opportunity. An agenda containing the date and time of the public comment period will be published Aug. 31.

The tuition rates noted above do not include the university’s mandatory student fees. At the graduate level, students in pharmacy, law and the MBA Program pay differential tuition levels.

The university says, in a written statement, that they have moved up the schedule of approving tuition rates to nearly a year and a half before they take effect “to be more transparent with prospective and current students and their families.”