Tribal license plates to benefit Native American UW Scholarships

Courtesy of the University of Wyoming

New Native American license plates introduced in 2018, that honor Wyoming’s two Wind River Indian Reservation tribes, are now available through the University of Wyoming Alumni Association office.

According to the University proceeds from the plates will fund Native American student scholarships at UW.

The tribal license plates, which can be purchased by the public, honor both the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. University officials say, in a written statement sent to media, that proceeds from selling the specially designed plates will benefit two UW scholarship programs: the Chief Washakie Scholarship and the Northern Arapaho Endowment Scholarship.

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The license plates are now available for $100 for either the Eastern Shoshone or the Northern Arapaho plate through the UW Alumni Association or through the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

People are also allowed to purchase either a Northern Arapaho or an Eastern Shoshone plate, visit the WYDOT website.

“We process the orders promptly on a regular basis and forward them to WYDOT so they can assign the plate number and forward the plate to the proper county treasurer,” says Keener Fry, UWAA executive director. “The plates will be available for pickup by the purchaser at the county treasurer’s office within a few weeks of the order being submitted.”

Fry says 100 percent of the $70 fee is deposited in the two scholarship funds managed by the UW Foundation.