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Plastic shopping bags to become extinct in Jackson


Like affordable housing and cheap beer, single-use plastic shopping bags will soon become a relic of the past in the Town of Jackson.

According to a story in Buckrail, a town ordinance banning plastic bags for large grocery stores went into effect in April, but small businesses were given extra time to make arrangements for the change.

The deadline for all businesses to find alternatives for the bags is this Friday, November 1. After that, town and county employees will perform a “roundup” collecting any leftover bags.

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The town is offering 50 free reusable bags for each business to distribute, said the article.

Plastic bags have recently been targeted by cities and states looking to cut down on waste. According to a National Geographic article, 90 percent of the plastic bags are never reused or recycled.

A study published in 2009 by the University of Waterloo says a whopping 100 billion single-use plastic bags of all sizes were used in the United States alone. The bags last generations and pile up in landfills or end up littering public lands, rivers and oceans.

California was the first state to issue a ban on the bags, followed by Oregon and New York state. Other states such as Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Idaho have proposed bans that are being litigated.

A full map of cities and states with bans can be seen here.

Jackson is so far the only city in Wyoming to place a ban on plastic bags.