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Minority Whip: Gordon under pressure to ‘reopen’ economy

Charles Pelkey (courtesy of Wikipedia)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Wyoming House District 45 Representative Charles Pelkey, who also serves as the Minority Whip said today in a Facebook post that Governor Gordon is “suddenly under a lot of pressure to “reopen” the economy no matter what the recommendations from health officials might be.”

Gordon’s first of three orders was placed in mid-March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently the restrictions have been extended until the end of April.

In Pelkey’s post on social media, he said that he, and other legislators, had just completed a conference call with the Governor. Pelkney reports that during the call, Gordon said that he wants to rely on the side of caution and rely on the advice of health experts when it comes to making a decision on when the state can ease restrictions and individuals.

Pelkey went on to say that their conversation with the Governor was “fairly short on detail”, but reminded his followers that Gordon is scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., which will be streamed on WyomingPBS.org.

“I urge all of you to tune in and then follow-up with your concerns to “governor@wyo.gov,” the Minority Whip wrote.

Pelkey’s post said that Gordon was facing increased pressure to “reopen the economy no matter what the recommendations from health officials might be. He appears to be inclined to follow the science and not the politics. I respect that,” Pelkey’s post continued.

On Monday, Governor Gordon faced a crowd of protestors outside of the Capitol in Cheyenne who called on him to strip away the statewide restrictions that he issued due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Mark Gordon

“Thankfully, it was the governor who pointed out that the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic had a brief decline in fatalities, which led first to a loosening of restrictions and then an even greater spike in the number of dead that followed,” Pelkey’s wrote.

Here is Pelkey’s full post on Facebook:

Charles Pelkey, Facebook

Pelkey was unopposed in the Democratic primary and faced Republican Roxie Hensley in 2018 general election for a House Seat District 45. Pelkey won the contest, earning 60.1% of the vote to Hensley’s 39.9%. 

Following the November election, Pelkey was re-elected as Minority Whip in the Wyoming House by members of the Democratic caucus.

This article originally appeared on Cap City News. Used with permission.