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Rawlins Police investigating threat to student safety


The Rawlins Police Department is reporting that they are still investigating a threat to student safety at a Carbon County High School.

Officials say that, as of approximately 3:50 pm, there is no credible threat to students or staff in the school building, but an investigation is ongoing.

According to A Rawlins PD statement, on May 4, 2021 the Rawlins PD received a 911 call in relation to a “possible threat to student safety” at the Rawlins Cooperative High School.

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Officials did not elaborate on the specifics of the possible threat.

“Officers of the Rawlins Police Department responded and helped secure the safety of the students and staff in the building,” Tuesday’s written statement said on social media. “School personnel had already initiated a safety response protocol before officers arrived.”

The Rawlins Cooperative High School is a Carbon County School District High School that offers different learning programs for students.

“Rawlins Cooperative High School has different methods of delivering education. It is self-paced learning.  Our students have had great academic success learning at a pace that is self-directed,” a Rawlins Cooperative High School student handbook says, available online. 

The school is located on Rodeo Street in Rawlins, near the Carbon County Fairgrounds.