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Housing prices keep climbing in Casper area to median sales price of $250,000


CASPER, Wyo. — The price of housing in Natrona County climbed for the fifth month in a row in September 2021 to a median home sales price of $250,000, the Wyoming Economic Analysis Division said in a Casper Economic Indicators report released Thursday.

The median home sales price was up 8.7% compared with September 2020 and the Economic Analysis Division said that the home sales prices reflect “the strong housing market nationwide.”

Natrona County also added 500 non-farm payroll jobs in September compared with September 2020.

“By September 2021, Natrona County recovered about 41% of the 3,900 jobs lost during the worst parts of the pandemic (March 2020-April 2020),” the report states.

The unemployment rate in Natrona County stood at 3.7% in September 2021, down from the 8.5% unemployment rate in September 2020.

Collections of the statewide 4% sales and use tax in Natrona County stood at $7.1 million in September 2021, up about $600,000 from September 2020. Note that the report does not include the 1% local sales and use tax collections.

“Through the first nine months of 2021 (January–September), total collections summed to $63.6 million, $5.0 million more (+8.6%) than the 5-year average sum from January to September,” the report states.

The Casper Economic Health Index value stood at 101.9 in September 2021, up from a value of 97.6 in September 2020 but down from September 2019’s score of 104.1.

“The Casper Economic Health Index combines four county-level economic indicators into one number in
order to sum up the current economic conditions in Natrona County,” the report explains. “The four economic indicators are (1) the monthly unemployment rate, (2) monthly total non-farm employment, (3) monthly sales and use (s&u) tax collections, and (4) the monthly median home sales price.”

Further information is available in the full report.