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Elementary students can adjust to the bus with parents on board


CASPER, Wyo. — Elementary students who will be riding the bus for the first time this school year have the opportunity to get one practice ride with a parent or guardian aboard.

The practice route run will help students adjust to the bus on Aug. 28.

“This practice run is only for elementary first-time transportation students and will require one parent/guardian to ride with the student,” the Natrona County School District said. 

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“Due to liability restrictions, only one parent or legal guardian may ride with the student (no older siblings, friends, etc.).  Students will not be allowed to ride without a parent/guardian.”

During the practice run, student will be picked up along with their parent or guardian at their regular morning stop and pick-up time. Buses will then take them to the transport hub.

The students and parents/guardians will then switch over to their next bus which will take the students to their schools.

“Parents/students will not get off the bus at the school,” the district said. “The bus will then reverse the route back to the hub where parents/students will follow the student’s PM route back to the PM Bus Stop.”

Only Casper area buses will participate. Alcova, Midwest, Poison Spider and other outlying areas will not offer the practice runs.

People should register for the practice runs by Aug. 20.

“If your student will need Transportation and you have not registered yet, please go to natronaschools.org to register,” NCSD said.

“For questions, please call NCSD Transportation at 253-5283.”