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NCSD adopt new $317.67 million budget for fiscal year 2020-2021

Students send their newly-made Japanese kites into the wind during a kite making worksho at KWHS in Casper. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees voted the adopt a new fiscal year 2020-2021 budget during their Wednesday, July 8 meeting.

Appropriations authorized under NCSD’s new budget are as follows:

  • General Fund: $225,843,210
  • Special Revenue Fund: $:45,289,520
  • Capital Projects Fund: $36,183,417
  • Food Service Fund: $6,189,486
  • Extra-Curricular Fund: $4,164,969
    • Total Appropriations: $317,670,602

The district’s fiscal year 2020-2021 budget document describes the new budget in detail and explains that NCSD heads into the new fiscal year with a beginning fund balance of about $74 million.

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Revenue projections for the fiscal year are as follows:

  • Local sources: $45,187,711
  • County Sources: $10,701,500
  • State Sources: $159,554,117
  • Federal Sources: $21,919,203
  • Transfers from Other Funds: $6,280,000
    • Total Revenues: $243,642,531

Total revenues plus the beginning fund balance equals $317,670,602, the same amount as what is appropriated under the budget.

The general fund, which is the district’s largest fund in terms of appropriations, “receives revenue primarily from the State of Wyoming and local property taxes,” NCSD explained.

Of the $225.84 million appropriated to the general fund, NCSD says that about $203.3 million are for expenditures during the fiscal year. $11.325 million is for budget reserves and about $10.215 million is a contingency fund for Board of Trustee priorities that may come up throughout the year.

The district provides a description of each of their major funds as follows:

  • General Fund: “The general fund is the main operating fund of the District. It contains all of the financial resources of the District, except those required to be accounted for in another fund. The general fund budget must balance anticipated revenues with appropriations.”
  • Special Revenues Fund: “The District’s Special Revenue Funds are utilized to account for revenues derived from earmarked sources and the related expenditures.Included are revenues from program grants with the corresponding program expenditures, the state major maintenance grant and the Recreational Mill Levy and corresponding expenditures.”
  • Capital Projects Fund: “This fund is used to account for capital construction projects funded by the State of Wyoming Capital Construction Grant and transfers from General Fund”
  • Food Service Fund: “The Food Service fund is a type of proprietary or ‘enterprise’ fund which is used to account for programs in which a fee is charged for goods and services. This fund accounts for our district Breakfast and Lunch program.”
  • Extra-curricular Fund: “Activity funds are utilized to account for resources used to support co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Co-curricular activities are generally defined as school-related activities outside the regular classroom that support or enhance the general curriculum. These are typically recognized as student clubs and organizations. Extra-curricular activities include other district related activities such as organized sports and non-academic competitions. Funds are received from various sources including student fundraisers, school stores, vending machines, parent groups, athletic booster clubs, etc. Funds are used to support district sponsored activities.”

The district describes the Capital Projects schedule for the fiscal year under the budget as follows:


A full breakdown of funding under the new budget is available from NCSD’s full budget document for fiscal year 2020-2021.