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UW offering new major in entrepreneurship this fall

University of Wyoming UW College of Business Building / COE Library (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The University of Wyoming College of Business will be offering a new major in entrepreneurship starting this fall, UW announced on Tuesday, July 28. They are also offering a redesigned minor in entrepreneurship.

“The major in entrepreneurship serves students wishing to learn and apply theories of entrepreneurship,” UW said.

The program aims to help students looking to start and run their own businesses or to bring entrepreneurial skills to existing organizations. The university says the program will provide students with:

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  • -exposure to the development and testing of business concepts
  • -analyzing the potential success of their concepts using a variety of tools and methodologies
  • -being flexible in developing new ventures and innovative ideas
  • -formulating and implementing value propositions that will assist in the establishment and growth of new ventures
  • how to enact creative solutions, innovative ideas and strategic change in existing organizations

“The new major in entrepreneurship is designed to provide students with an in-depth exposure to all things related to entrepreneurship,” Rile Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the College of Business Patrick Kreiser said in UW’s announcement. “The focus of the major is on helping students to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, which can then be used to create a new venture or contribute outside-the-box thinking within an existing company.”

“Further, a core component of the coursework is to engage students in experiential learning projects so that students can learn by doing. Whether it’s through creating new businesses that change the marketplace, identifying frame-breaking new business models within existing companies or harnessing creativity in their everyday lives, the new major in entrepreneurship will support students in creating and enacting careers tailored to their own dreams and aspirations.”

The redesigned minor in entrepreneurship aims to appeal to non-business majors. UW says the College of Business is partnering with other colleges within the university and with Wyoming community colleges to “identify coursework that satisfies both the respective colleges’ and the UW entrepreneurship minor program requirements.”

“The minor in entrepreneurship is designed to include a list of approved entrepreneurship elective coursework from partnering colleges,” the university says. “For example, approved electives from the College of Engineering and Applied Science or the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources will apply toward the 15 hours of entrepreneurship minor program requirements.”

Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science Cameron Wright says the minor will be a benefit to some of their students.

“The College of Engineering and Applied Science is excited to further strengthen our partnership and collaboration with the College of Business through the new interdisciplinary entrepreneurship minor,” he said in UW’s release. “The College of Engineering and Applied Science has offered several entrepreneur-related courses in the past, but this new minor will allow our students to greatly deepen their knowledge of entrepreneurship. With this greater skill set, we expect more students will feel ready to start companies that, in turn, can support the Wyoming economy.”

Students interested in the new entrepreneurship program offerings can email the program’s adviser Denise Sheen at dhsheen@uwyo.edu.

“Entrepreneurial organizations wishing to know more about the entrepreneurship programs can email Josie Voight at voight@uwyo.edu or call (307) 766-4197,” UW added. “To view program requirements, visit www.uwyo.edu/business/entrepreneurship.”