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BLM Wyoming seeks public comment on proposed 2,000 mile pipeline corridor


CASPER, Wyo. — The State of Wyoming has proposed 2,000 miles of pipeline corridor in what is referred to as the “Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative.”

The proposed corridors would be designated on private, state and Bureau of Land Management Wyoming managed lands. BLM Wyoming said on Friday, April 17 that they released a draft environmental statement for the proposal.

“The WPCI project looks at corridor designations across a variety of landscapes across the State of Wyoming,” said BLM Wyoming Acting State Director Duane Spencer.“I would encourage the public to take the time to review the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and provide comments on this project.”

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About 1,150 miles of the proposed corridors would be located on BLM Wyoming managed land.

“The project would designate a statewide pipeline corridor network for future development of pipelines associated with carbon capture, utilization and storage, as well as pipelines and facilities associated with enhanced oil
recovery,” BLM Wyoming says. “The project will not authorize any new pipelines or construction but will amend several BLM Resource Management Plans across the state to make future analysis of project specific proposals more efficient.”

“One of the primary purposes of the pipeline corridor network is to connect existing oil fields suitable for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with anthropogenic and natural carbon dioxide (CO2) sources. The CO2 will be injected into existing, often ‘played-out’ oil fields, thereby increasing oil production beyond conventional recovery methods with little additional surface disturbance.”

Public comment on the proposal will be open for 90 days.

“Information on the project and links to submit comments can be found on the project’s ePlanning site at,” the release adds. “Public comments can only be submitted through the BLM’s WPCI ePlanning project webpage and must be received by July 16, 2020. “