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Wyoming DEQ highlight pollution reductions and mine reclamations on 50th Earth Day


CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality shared some environmental acheivements the state has reached as they recognize the 50th Earth Day celebration on Wednesday, April 22.

“The WDEQ is proud to be a leader in caring for and protecting the state’s environment for current and future generations,” the Wyoming DEQ said. “In the past 50 years, many environmental actions and progress have occurred across the country and in Wyoming. These efforts ensure that our air, water and land continue to be here for all to enjoy.”

The Wyoming DEQ said that air pollution from major industrial facilities have been reduced by 50,000 tons since 2008. They say that equals the amount of pollution produced by 5.4 million cars in a year.

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“In 2019, 69 school buses were replaced across 16 school districts through the Wyoming Diesel Emission Reduction Program,” the Wyoming DEQ adds. “This reduced emissions by 48.3 Tons NOx and 4.1 Tons of particulate matter per year.”

Wyoming’s Abandoned Mine Land Program has reclaimed over 25,000 acres of habitat since 1977. 2,476 mine openings have been closed through the program in that time.

“Wyoming’s Storage Tank Program has cleaned up 1,322 contaminated sites,” the release adds.

170 voluntary projects have been launched through the departments Nonpoint Source Program. Those projects have helped improve water quality in fifteen stream and river segments which total about 190 miles of restoration.

“Through implementation of state and federal environmental programs we have significantly improved the quality of our air, water and land,” Wyoming DEQ Director Todd Parfitt said. “There is also an important, intrinsic quality that every Wyoming resident receives from this. Our physical and mental wellbeing are enriched and DEQ is committed to continuing our efforts for the benefit of all.”