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Legislature Round-up: hunting dogs, online education, ‘Wild Horse Highway’ and more

The Wyoming State Capitol building is seen in the early hours of Jan. 7, 2019, in Cheyenne. The historic building, constructed between 1886 and 1890, is undergoing a three-year renovation. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The Wyoming Legislature took a number of actions on Monday Feb. 11. Here is a round-up of some of that activity:

  • The House passed a bill on third reading that would make the blotched tiger salamander the state amphibian. Oil City previously covered that story here. The House passed the bill 50 to 9 with 1 abstaining. The full bill can be found here.
  • The Senate passed a bill on first reading that would allow and regulate the use of dogs to help recover animals wounded during hunts. The bill requires that the dogs be kept on leashes up to 50 feet. It passed on first reading in the Senate and now moves on the second reading. HB 73 can be viewed here.
  • The Speaker of the House and President of the Senate signed a bill that would allow school districts to enter into agreements with other school districts to provide virtual education. The bill which began as HB 25 was signed as Higher Education Act No. 5. The full bill can be viewed here.
  • The House passed a bill on first reading that would designate a stretch of highway near Cody as “Wild Horse Highway”. The bill designates “United States highway 14/16/20 between Wyoming state highway 32 and the city boundary of Cody, Wyoming” as the highway. SF 112 can be viewed here.
  • A bill failed in the Senate on first reading that would require criminal background checks every ten years rather than on initial employment for individuals requiring certified by the professional teaching standards board. The bill failed 3 to 26 with 1 abstaining. HB 75 can be viewed here.

All legislative activity can be found at the State of Wyoming 65 Legislature website.