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Legislature Round-up: search and rescue, no more undertakers, laser surgery and more


The Wyoming Legislature took a number of actions on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Here is a round-up of some of Tuesday’s activity:

  • The Senate passed a bill on first reading that updates terms in the law pertaining to who is authorized to perform burials and cremations. The term “funeral service practicioner” has replaced “undertaker”. References to “funeral homes or mortuaries” are replaced with the more general “funeral establishment. The House previously passed the bill on third reading Feb. 5. House Bill 280 can be viewed here.
  • The House is set to consider a bill requiring students expelled from schools “an opportunity to be heard.” The bill does not require the hearing to be formal unless the suspension or expulsion is to last longer than ten days, but stipulates that the parents need to be informed and the student needs to be given a chance to dispute the claims. The Senate previously passed the bill in January. Senate Floor bill 120 can be viewed here.
  • A bill that would prohibit optometrists from performing certain procedures failed a recall effort in the house and is postponed indefinitely. The bill would prevent optometrists from practicing some laser and transplant procedures. The Senate passed the bill on third reading in January. There are a number of other aspects of Senate Floor bill 55 that can be viewed here.
  • The Senate passed a bill on second reading that would include volunteer search and rescue personnel in the state’s retirement system. Volunteer search and rescuers would be eligible to receive a pension. The House previously passed the bill on third reading Feb. 5. House Bill 246 can be viewed here.

All legislative action can be found at the State of Wyoming 65th Legislature website.