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Legislature update: antifreeze, equal pay, prescription drugs and more


The Wyoming Legislature took a number of actions on Wednesday, Feb. 20. Here is a round-up of some of Wednesday’s activity:

  • The Senate passed a bill on second reading that amends the sampling requirements for enforcing petroleum and antifreeze standards. The amended language would authorize the periodic collection of samples, but would not mandate yearly sampling as the law currently requires. It adds language to authorize the sampling of petroleum, engine fuel and antifreeze from refinery pipelines, storage and transport tanks as well as intermediate facilities. This would be an addition to the existing language, which specifies taking samples from storage tanks directly used for retail supply. The House previously passed the bill on third reading in January. House Bill 9 can be viewed here.
  • Governor Mark Gordon signed a bill increasing the maximum fine and imprisonment sentencing guidelines for employers found to be in willful violation of equal pay law. The maximum fine is now $500, increased from $200. The maximum prison sentence is now six months, up from 180 days. House Bill 71 can be viewed here.
  • The House received a bill for concurrence that increases the annual decal fee for electric and hybrid cars. The bill stipulates that the decal “include the bucking horse and rider emblem”. The fee for a plug in electric car decal would increase from $50 to $200. The fee for a hybrid vehicle would be set at $100. If signed, the bill would go into effect July 1. The House and Senate both passed the bill on third reading, but due to Senate amendments to the bill, the House must hold a concurrence vote. House Bill 166 can be viewed here.
  • The House passed a bill on first reading that would require health care practicioners who prescribe controlled substances to receive continuing training every two years. The bill would also require such prescriptions to be recorded electronically. Practicioners would also be required to search a patients prescription history before issuing new prescriptions. The Senate passed the bill on third reading in January. Senate Floor bill 47 can be viewed here.

All legislative action can be found at the State of Wyoming 65th Legislature website.