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Governor Gordon signs nine bills into law Friday, vetoes one

Governor Mark Gordon (courtesy of Wyoming PBS and YouTube)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon took action on 11 bills on Friday, April 2, one of which he vetoed. The Governor signed the following bills into law:

Bill #Enrolled Act #Bill Title
HB0091HEA0032Removal of unenforceable property covenants
HB0057HEA0033Advance enrollment
HB0107HEA0043Retirement system-efficient disbursement method
HB0122HEA0046Hunting and fishing access-reliable funding
HB0052HEA0047Wyoming school protein enhancement project
SF0088SEA0025Ownership of fossils and artifacts
SF0074SEA0026Athletic trainer revisions
SF0124SEA0032Defending Wyoming business-trade and commerce amendments
HB0039HEA0036Optometrist practice act amendments.

The Governor vetoed the following bill:

SF0093SEA0019WICHE repayment program-veterinary medicine students

In a letter to Secretary of State Ed Buchanan, Gordon explained that the bill seeks to correct an anomaly: Wyoming is the only state that does not require veterinary students to return and serve in the state.

Though Gordon said he generally supported the bill’s aim to correct that oversight, but found that the impacts would fall “arbitrarily and somewhat capriciously” on current seniors in the Veterinary Program.

A copy of the Governor’s veto letter can be found here.