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Governor Gordon signs 32 bills Monday, one without his signature

Wyomings Governor Mark Gordon (YouTube, Wyoming PBS)

CASPER, Wyo – Governor Mark Gordon took action on 32 bills on Monday, April 5, his office announced. Gordon signed the following bills into law:

Bill No.Enrolled Act #Bill Title
HB0115HEA0048Big or trophy game animal-minimum hunting age.
HB0144HEA0049Electric vehicle fee updates.
HB0133HEA0050Online sports wagering.
HB0112HEA0051Pioneer trapper license.
HB0101HEA0052Elk feedground closings-requirements.
HB0085HEA0053Unlawful dissemination of an intimate image.
HB0068HEA0054Wyoming Statutory Foundation Act-amendments.
HB0010HEA0055COVID-19 large business relief program.
HB0038HEA0056Community behavioral health-priority populations.
HB0073HEA0057Birth certificates-gestational agreements.
HB0095HEA0058Game road kill.
HB0102HEA0059Wyoming Preference Act of 1971-amendments.
HB0041HEA0060Intrastate crowdfunding exemption-amendments.
HB0043HEA0061Digital assets-amendments.
HB0179HEA0062Optional municipal tax-election.
HB0195HEA0063Wyoming medical review panel-repeal.
HB0197HEA0064Connect Wyoming program-federal funding.
HB0198HEA0065University water system.
SF0117SEA0033Speech and hearing specialist licensing amendments
SF0148SEA0034Requirements relating to depositors-amendments.
SF0047SEA0036Clinical laboratory regulation.
SF0044SEA0037Solid waste cease and transfer program funding.
SF0033SEA0038Physician assistants amendments.
SF0013SEA0039Abandoned vehicles-towing service liens and titles.
SF0155SEA0040Limiting firearm seizure and regulation during emergencies.
SF0120SEA0041Investment of state non-permanent funds.
SF0115SEA0042Education-pupil teacher contact time.
SF0109SEA0043Board of dental examiners-amendments.
SF0056SEA0044Wyoming gaming commission-modifications and corrections.
SF0052SEA0045Insurance-mental health and substance use parity.
SF0089SEA0046Public utility safety lights.

Gordon allowed SEA0035, the ‘COVID-19 business relief programs agriculture’ law, go into effect without his signature.

Gordon explained in a letter to the Secretary of State that the proposed payments to Wyoming agricultural producers could well be ineligible for the federal CARES funds from which they were intended to be drawn.

Gordon said he did not “believe testing the limits of the strings attached to these federal funds is wise.”

A letter explaining the Governor’s action on SF 50 can be found here.

The full list of bills the Governor has taken action on during the 2021 Legislative Session can be found on the Governor’s website.