29 acre fire sparked by lightning burns in remote Yellowstone park area

Pollux looking Northwest August 4, 2019. (YNP via Flickr)

A fire in the vicinity of Pollux Peak in Yellowstone National Park is being left to burn on its own for the time being.

According to a release from the YNP communications office, the fire in the remote eastern boundary of the park was spotted late August 3rd and was likely caused by lightning.

The 29 acres that are burning are in a remote area and are not a threat to established trails, campsites or patrol cabins, according to the release.

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Crews are monitoring the fire, but they are preparing for a long-term management plan that “address firefighter and public safety” as well as protection of structures or cultural and natural resources.

Smoke from the fire may be visible around the Sunlight Basin and Crandall areas of Wyoming.

The release says the area is a “fire-adapted ecosystem” where fire plays a natural role in maintaining the health of the habitat and vegetation.